The Prosecutor's Office investigates the fire at Global Talke

The Tarragona Prosecutor's Office has opened investigative proceedings following the fire that occurred on Tuesday of last week at the facilities of the Global Talke company in the Riu Clar industrial estate, in Tarragona.

The same investigation will include the incident that occurred early Friday morning at the same company when rainwater reacted with the debris and ashes from the previous fire.

The investigation opened by the Public Ministry is based on a letter sent by the Central Environment Area of ​​the Mossos d'Esquadra, based in Sabadell.

A document indicating that there could be indications of a crime against the environment being committed by the company. The document has little more than a page, pending the final report.

The fire occurred minutes after eleven o'clock at night last Tuesday outside the company, where there were some sacks of calcium chloride, according to the Generalitat Fire Department.

“They were just empty containers”

Company sources, meanwhile, told the Daily that they were «empty containers, which did not contain any product. They were set aside to be managed as waste. At no time did material burn.

Nine crews of firefighters worked on the extinction, with the help of two machines set up by the company to isolate the material to proceed with its extinction.

During the work, two firefighters were injured – they suffered from itchy eyes, nose and throat – and were evacuated to the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona, where they were discharged shortly after. The Pla d'Emergència Exterior of the Chemical Sector of Tarragona was activated in the pre-alert phase, being closed before six in the morning the following day.

At first, agents from the Citizen Security Mossos d'Esquadra from the Tarragona police station went to the company. Subsequently, those from the Regional Environment Unit attended.

They carried out a first inspection and, due to the nature of the events, decided to alert the agents of the Unitat Central de Medi Ambient, based in Egara (Terrassa).

Catalan Police sources confirmed to the Daily that on Wednesday morning, agents from that unit went to the company to inspect the area of ​​the fire. And they did it again on Friday, after at four in the morning, and due to the falling rainwater, there was a reaction in some remains, with the release of carbon monoxide. Firefighters covered the area with earth. Plaseqta was also activated in the pre-alert phase.

As a result of the document delivered by the Mossos, the Prosecutor's Office has opened proceedings. You have half a year to investigate the matter – you can ask the State Attorney General for an extension of another six months.

From this moment you have to decide whether to file the matter or, in the case of seeing evidence of a crime, send it to the Court to open preliminary proceedings.

The Catalan Land Institute (Incasòl) announced this Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with the company Global Talke SL for the sale of a 5,000 square meter plot located in the Riuclar industrial estate.

It is a new plot that Incasòl sells to this company specialized in the storage, handling, packaging and distribution of all kinds of products. The first (with an area of ​​almost 39,000 square meters) was in 2018 and is where the Global Talke facilities are located. The one that has been announced today will serve for the expansion of the firm, they have confirmed to the Daily company sources.

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