The property of Ca l'Ardiaca seeks financing to be able to unclog the hotel

The recovery of the old mansion of Ca l'Ardiaca is not dead, and in recent months important steps have been taken so that a charming hotel can be located in this privileged space a few meters from the Cathedral. This is confirmed by Councilor for Territory of the Tarragona City Council, Xavier Puig, who assures that "there is a project" and that right now the owners "are looking for a part of the financing" so that it can go ahead.

The property has been abandoned for years and inside there are several heritage elements, which means that any intervention requires a millionaire sum of resources. The amount needed would exceed eight million of euros. "It is a high figure since renovations are expensive and more so in these buildings," says Puig. A part of these resources would be guaranteed. Despite this, the third deputy mayor affirms that "although I cannot speak on behalf of the company, I know that they need a plus, which is what they are looking for." One of the ways is the funds Next Generationthat have a line dedicated to the recovery of private heritage facilities, which is aimed at the rehabilitation of spaces with maximum public interest and which, due to the characteristics of the property, could fit.

The City Council assures that it has spoken so much with the Diputació as with the Generalitat and the condition to explore this avenue and "establish synergies". "We have helped and accompanied the company in this search," adds the head of urban planning. The call is expected to come out between the end of the year and early 2023. Despite this, this is a process that the property leads, together with the multinational HTL Horwathwhich is accompanying Desarrollos Urbe in this project.

The project rules out a dining room for banquets on the ground floor, since there are archaeological remains

The entry of Horwath HTL into the field of play has given a new twist to a project that everything pointed to was doomed. From the Tarragona City Council The procedures had been initiated for the various breaches of the property in terms of its obligations to maintain the property. "We wanted to find an efficient and effective solution, and therefore if they did not move, we wanted to force the sale," says Puig. When everything indicated that the building would enter an auction process or that the local administration itself would have to keep Ca l'Ardiaca, they contacted this company, which is a consultancy specializing in the development of real estate, tourism and leisure projects. hotelier, with more than one hundred years of experience.

The local administration defends that this strategy change He assumed that "from then on relations with the owners would improve", so that Horwath HTL acted as an intermediary, "providing professionalism and insight". Both parties have been working on a project that goes along the lines of launching a charming hotel that preserves and improves the space.

The City Council assures that it has seen a first design of the new project that is being worked on and that it contemplates the fitting out of the reception with a cafe and a restaurant at the entrance. On the upper floors would be located the bedrooms, all with exterior views or the interior cloister of the building. On the other hand, the initial idea of ​​fitting out a banquet hall in the lower part would be abandoned, since it is a space in which there are important archaeological remains and its conditioning for that purpose would be unfeasible. «It is a hotel with a lot of patrimonial charm and with a lot of history, similar to the establishments of inns», says the municipal representative.

The city aspires to increase the number of hotel beds and this would be the first top-of-the-range establishment

Puig defends that "as a City Council, what interests us is to help in everything we can so that this can move forward." This would make it possible to recover a building that had been abandoned for several decades and that it is propped up with a scaffolding structure, which has been the subject of multiple controversies, starting with the bad image in one of the most visited spaces in the city, such as the Pla de la Seu.

The local administration is committed to continuing this way, while reserving the letter to reactivate the forced sale. "It is the route that we have to follow if the private initiative does not find the solution." For its part, the company did not want to make any statements about the status of the project.

This very week the mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricoma, He recalled that the city has a deficit of hotel beds that it wants to cover in the coming years. And this would be the first top-of-the-range charming hotel.

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