The pressure of the PSC and the CUP forces the consistory to resume the commission of terraces

The Tarragona City Council is once again getting down to work to launch a new ordinance for the rearrangement of terraces on public roads. The first step is to reactivate the work commission which, if everything goes according to plan, will take place on November 9. The idea is that representatives of all the municipal formations are present, for the time being, to start weaving what should be the main lines of the ordinance. In future sessions, representatives of the restaurant sector will join.

This is a 180-degree turn in the strategy of the Domini Públic department. And it is that until a few months ago, its owner, Councilor Cinta Pastó, defended that the ordinance was parked and bet on the way of decreetaking into account the casuistry of each area of ​​the city. Finally, and after pressure from the main opposition party, the PSC, and one of the parties that are part of the government, the CUP, Pau Ricomà's team has decided to change course and resume drawing up the terrace ordinance .

But you don't start from scratch. Before the pandemic, and with councilor Paula Varas at the head of the council, a first draft was already prepared. The truth is that with Covid, some circumstances have changed. An example is that now there are more establishments that choose to have a terrace.

This terrace commission is reactivated with the aim of finalizing some details of the ordinance proposal. After more than two years without summoning it, a few days ago, Councilor Cinta Pastó did so. Its celebration was scheduled for last Tuesday, October 18. But the person in charge of convening the meeting forgot to inform the municipal group of Ciutadans. An error of form that she ended up suspending the commission. The next date to celebrate it is November 9. The City Council, now, is "cleaning up" all the documentation that was prepared before the pandemic.

From the PSC they assure that it is important to make this ordinance for several reasons. “First because the sector is crying out for it and, later, because there needs to be a standard and a roadmap that regulates the occupation of public roads,” explains the PSC councilor, Berni Álvarez.

Who has also claimed this regulation is the CUP. In fact, carrying out this ordinance was one of the requirements defended by the anti-capitalist formation to carry out the municipal government agreement, in June 2021. "It is time to face the overcrowding and privatization of public space," he says the CUP, which highlights the importance of allowing different uses to coexist on the street. “There cannot be a monopoly on terraces, but it is true that there are some parts of the city where the presence of terraces could help to revitalize and revitalize”, add the anti-system.

For their part, municipal sources assure that the meetings are beginning to put the main problems on the table, but they do not commit to having a terrace ordinance in this mandate.

The main concern focuses on the Part Alta and around Plaça Corsini, where a significant number of terraces have proliferated. Calle Comte de Rius, Sant Agustí and August will also be studied in depth. Following the decrees that Councilwoman Cinta Pastó has signed in recent months, some streets may only have one row of tables. The objective is to conserve a space for the pedestrian.

"Tackling pergola project"

When the restaurant sector learned of the reactivation of the terrace commission, it took the opportunity to express its main demands. This is the case of the restorers of Plaça Corsini and its surroundings, who ask that they be counted on when making decisions. They claim to unify schedules with the rest of the city and seek a solution that allows the terraces to coexist with the market on Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, the sector asks "to abort the planned pergola project in the middle of Plaça Corsini." They also require the Mercats Company to inform businessmen of the celebration of events that involve more influx of people. In this way, they will be able to prepare better.

The first commission of terraces with the municipal groups will take place on November 9

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