The plenary session of Montblanc approves the freezing of most tax ordinances

The political groups with municipal representation in the Montblanc City Council approved the majority of the fiscal ordinances that reached the plenary session but were summoned to negotiate, during the next few days, two that must be applied next year. It is the IBI and the rate for garbage collection.

The plenary stalled on both proposals. On the one hand, the government team proposed to apply a 0.85% reduction in the municipal IBI coefficient; and on the other hand, it offered to apply an eight percent increase in the garbage collection rate, which is the same increase that the County Council will apply to the City Council for the provision of the service.

Finally, however, the five councilors of the government team modified this increase to place it at five percent, with the remaining three percent being applied by the County Council on the municipal coffers.

For their part, the councilors of ERC and Junts por Montblanc, who hours before agreed to present a unified proposal, asked to place the reduction in the municipal IBI coefficient at 0.87 percent. In addition, both groups proposed freezing the rate of garbage collection.

Small merchants will have a 75 percent bonus on

the activity rate

Given the lack of agreement, but with the desire to guarantee a satisfactory proposal for the residents, the mayor, Josep Andreu, decided to withdraw the IBI ordinance and the fee for garbage collection from the general vote on ordinances. In this way, the mayor summoned all the councilors to meet to try to reach an agreement.

In the plenary, the rest of the fiscal ordinances that will be applied next year were approved. The agreement of the plenary allows freezing all the ordinances and applying, at the proposal of the government team, certain bonuses following the established line of supporting renewable energies.

In this way, owners of electric vehicles will have a 75 percent rebate on road tax, and a 50 percent reduction for owners of hybrid vehicles and vehicles that exclusively use clean energy, such as compressed natural gas, other liquefied gases or biogas.

Merchants, with the desire to favor the opening of new business activities, will have a 75 percent discount on the activity rate as long as the activity has an area of ​​less than 150 square meters, counting the space for customer service and the storage.


Members of the Medieval Association of the Legend of Sant Jordi will have a 10 percent bonus when they ask to have a stop at the medieval market, and members of the Unió de Botiguers will have a 40 percent bonus when they have to pay the rate of occupation of public thoroughfares for participating in the medieval market.

The new ordinances also regulate the payment of a fee of 20 euros to the owners of pets that have been collected and transferred to municipal facilities, before being transferred to the Shelter Center or the Animal Shelter.

In the case of the Municipal School of Music, the new fiscal ordinances establish that the payment of tuition is linked to the acceptance of the school period from September to June.

Finally, the owners of houses for tourist use that have a useful area equal to or less than 65 square meters will pay 50 percent of the rate for garbage collection.

With regard to the supply of drinking water, an increase will be applied that will be between 3 and 5 percent.

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