The Nou Estadi is once again the fortress of recent years

«The teams have to become strong at home if they want to achieve the objective. The leader comes tomorrow and they have won their six games at home, away they have only won one. We are confident of winning the fourth game in a row at home." Raül Agné warned before the match against Castellón and he complied.

Nàstic was once again that fearsome team at home that wins civilly or criminally. Jorge Valdano said about Arturo Vidal that he was a horse for a walk or a war horse, well, this red outfit at home gives the feeling that it is also useful for the same thing. You win a game by suffering, but you can also win it by shining. The four consecutive victories against Amorebieta, Murcia, Numancia or Castellón confirm that the team at home is once again a machine for crushing rivals. 12 of the last 12 points and 13 of the 18 that have been at stake in total.

Statistics that are dizzying and that place them among the best in group II of the Primera RFEF, Castellón being the best team in this section with six victories in six games.

In the grana dressing room, that conviction that the home team will end up winning has been recovered. "Again like last year, we have suffered, but we always win," was one of the phrases uttered by one of the players outside the microphones in the vicinity of the Nou Estadi. They feel like winners. The staff is aware that the climate that is generated at home helps to achieve the impossible. The match against Castellón was an opportunity to hit the table. It was already known that it was not going to be easy and that is why there was no problem in putting on the work overalls. It was done and it was earned. In addition, this Nàstic is showing that he no longer even needs to leave a clean sheet to take the three points to the bag. He has won badly in the rival area and at home he already has 10 goals in six games. He has scored 14 goals in total throughout the season, so the granas can boast of hitting.

The truth is that it is not strange to see Nàstic enjoy and win at home because this same block of players led by Raül Agné managed to sign the best league start in the history of the Nou Estadi last year. They signed five victories in the first five games at a start to remember that set the bar very high. This year it has not been possible to overcome, but the intention is to finish with more points at home than last year when 38 days have passed. It won't be easy, but the dynamics of the team suggest that it is by no means a remote possibility.

The challenge, overcome last year

Last year, Nàstic had 16 points after six home games. This year he has 13 points, only three less, so the start of the course can already be described as excellent. The season was finished by the granas with 41 points in their locker, being the fifth best team in this statistic of all group II. 28 points are missing this year to match that statistic and 39 are still at stake. The mission will not be easy, but be careful because inertia gives reason to be optimistic.

The next match at home will be in two weeks, against Sabadell on Sunday, December 4. Before, the granas will visit the Real Unión fiefdom.

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