The new 'skatepark' in Reus, a school on wheels

Jan is the first time that enters the great bowl center of the new Skatepark from Reus. Dani Royo, his monitor, is located inside the bowlhe gives her instructions on how to place her feet, the position of her body and, with a little help from Dani, Jan manages to do it. “Can we do it again?” he asks. After a short time, the boy goes in and out of the bowl totally alone for sure. "Until I see a kid ready to do something, we don't try it," says Dani, founder of the Sobre Ruedas 0.0 school. Every Monday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., from the beginning of October and until next December 19, he acts as a monitor for a group of young people aged 12 and over. They participate in a workshopkate scooter (skateboard) and bmx (bike) organized by the Reus City Council's Joventut Department as part of the 'Planet Tardor' program.

The session begins with a warm-up, to avoid injuries, and then the wheels begin to slide and the first jumps are seen. There are several levels, "the majority, initiation or basic," he explains. To keep them under control, Dani divides them into a couple of groups. He explains what activity to do, corrects small movements to perfect the technique and lets them practice. “We also record videos and, thus, we see the evolution week by week”, he relates.

Among those who were practicing yesterday were Santiago, Sergi or Rashid. They all go about scooter and they had, previously, knowledge. But they wanted to improve and they assure that Dani is getting it. "It helps us learn more tricks," they say. Some of them knew Dani from before, which has encouraged them even more to sign up and continue improving. And this young man also gives private classes.

"It's lucky to have a Skatepark like this one in Reus. There is little in the Tarragona area and, for example, the great bowl it has the olympic characteristics. One can be very good practicing here”, exclaims Dani. As he remembers, as a teenager he had to travel to other skate parks of the territory, towards Barcelona, ​​to be able to practice. So "now this sport is promoted", he values.

The new equipment has been operational since the beginning of last October, barely a month ago. And in this time it has become, every afternoon, a meeting point for skates, scooters Y bmx. In addition, the age range of the users is very varied, which is highly valued by parents.

The sliding park has elements for all levels, with a large bowl central, a mini for initiation, skating areas and waves. There is also a calisthenics area, a petanque area and paths in the area.

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