The new Renfe application with which to book trips by train, taxi and scooter

The new one mobility application of Renfe, doco, begins its activity this Thursday with the launch of the minimum viable product that will allow travel by train, taxi and scooter, offering the possibility of booking and paying for everything from the same application.

Doco is a five-year scalable project that incorporates five brands into its offer that will integrate urban and interurban mobility services in public and private transport: Bolt, Cooltra, Karhoo, Movitaxi and Reby.

In addition, Renfe assures that in the coming weeks it will introduce new mobility services such as VTC and the electric motorcycle.

At the moment, the first version only allows train, taxi and scooter, while the first users who will be able to access the application will be those who have previously registered on the web

Doco will offer in a personalized way, according to the route, the best routes and combinations to reach the destination, giving the option to choose between the fastest, the most economical or the most sustainable option.

In this sense, Doco will have the 2,000 Renfe trains that connect about 200 destinationsplus the 8,700 Movitaxi vehicles, 2,500 Reby electric scooters, in addition to having VTC and taxi services with Bolt, the 22,000 Karhoo vehicles (taxi and rental cars) and the 3,500 electric motorcycles available in the Cooltra application.

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