The new La Capona will open on Wednesday after 111 days closed

Finally, there is a date: the new La Capona will reopen next Wednesday, October 19, 111 days after it closed on June 30. As confirmed yesterday by Daily the director of the emblematic bookstore on Gasòmetre street, Oriol Picas, the new managers of the establishment – ​​the Combinats cooperative – will organize a party in seven days to stage the launch of the new stage, after the retirement of the three historic partners : Ricard and Pau Espinosa, as well as Pitu Rovira, who led the place for a quarter of a century, consolidating it between 1997 and 2022 as an indisputable cultural reference in the city.

At the moment, after announcing the transfer of the business on September 2, the new path of La Capona already has more than 150 partners that will allow the bookstore to clear the dreaded closure and consolidate an update to be able to have continuity throughout the years. next years. “We already want to put a face to the partners, to get to know each other and to start explaining things”, indicates Picas, who emphasizes that the will is that “people find their space, which will have a logic very similar to that of La Capona” .

a weekly presentation

For all these reasons, on Wednesday -before an opening party that is intended to be "intimate"- the people in charge of Combinats will meet with the partners to explain the ins and outs and the planning of the new venue, which intends to "present a book every week”, explained the director in an interview broadcast yesterday on Ràdio Ciutat de Tarragona. It is also planned to organize specific activities to attract different consumer profiles.

Initially, the will of those responsible was for the business to reopen during the past Santa Tecla festivities. However, the delay in receiving material has forced this calendar to be extended by almost a month. However, yesterday afternoon at the Gasòmetre street there were already about 110 boxes with books, which has allowed the shelves to start filling up. Likewise, it is expected that a hundred more will arrive at the establishment by the middle of next week, so the venue will already be in a position to open to the public three and a half months after the temporary closure.

As regards the structure that the premises will have, it should be noted that the main novelty will be discovered on the upper floor, which will have a more open space and mobile shelves that allow the capacity of the auditorium to be increased up to fifty people with seats "It will be almost like the small room of the Cooperativa Obrera", they joke from Combinats. Likewise, a children's play area will also be enabled. In this sense, the forecast is to organize activities for the youngest on Saturday afternoons.

As explained by the Combinats cooperative, a total of four people will work in the renewed business, and the opening hours to the public will be from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. In a week, then, the new La Capona will start rolling. The countdown has already started.

«We want to start putting a face to the partners. La Capona will preserve her logic »

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