The National Police arrests the activist Mohamed Said Badaoui

The activist Mohamed Said Badaoui was arrested on the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 18, by the National Police. The man, president of the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Muslim Community (Adedcom) of Reus, had made public in early August the receipt of an administrative notice of expulsion from the country.

"I am accused of radicalization without providing any evidence, of being an active person on social networks, of having political pretensions, of having many contacts... I insist, all without any evidence," he had denounced then.

This afternoon, finally, the arrest was completed and Badaoui was transferred to the La Verneda police station in Barcelona. His case had raised a wave of reactions both in the city and at the level of Catalonia.

And it had even reached the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska through various political groups. In recent weeks, Badaoui had expressed through networks that "having to wait for the administration to make the decision that can affect your future and that of your family is overwhelming" and took refuge in sport.

In August, during a press conference at the Mercadal, the president of Adedcom introduced himself as "a 40-year-old man who has lived in the province of Tarragona for 30 years and has three children born in Valls and Reus." "I believe in equal opportunities and peaceful coexistence," he stressed. Badaoui then stated that the National Police had initiated efforts to expel him from the country after marking him as "radicalized", and that he did so in the middle of summer, without giving him room to maneuver and after having applied for Spanish nationality.

"Defending people's rights is not a crime"

"Defending the rights of people is not a crime, but accusing someone with false arguments is," Badaoui stressed in that appearance, and said that "they are against me and want me to stop claiming the rights of the Muslim community, which I'll keep doing it until the end." "I have always striven to create bridges between the Muslim and the indigenous community," she said.

The Spanish nationality that he had applied for some time ago had recently been denied. The allegations that he presented against the expulsion file initiated by the National Police had also been rejected, according to what he himself reported.

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