The Mn Foundation Bara de Reus raises funds to reinforce the Center Obert

The Fundació Mossèn Frederic Bara i Cortiella de Reus launches a fundraising campaign to raise 3,000 euros in 53 days. The objective is to reinforce the activities carried out in the Center Obert of the entity. In this way, the foundation seeks more help to finance its task, serving "more than 130 minors in vulnerable situations and their families, which are more than 80, that is, some 400 people helped directly or indirectly, in total". All the action has been formalized within the framework of #GivingTuesday, which is the name in English of November 29, a day "in which the whole world comes together to expand solidarity."

The entity from Reus has launched the campaign through the platform and the website where you can participate is:

The activities coordinator of the Center Obert and person in charge of communication for the entity, Javier Veraguas, recalls that if the black Friday (on the 25th of this month, which kicks off Christmas shopping) and the blue monday (the saddest day of the year and that a psychologist fixed on the third Monday of January), "there had to be a day in which solidarity was promoted."

"On days like November 29, we can make people aware that, if they want, they can easily help," says Veraguas. The activities coordinator insists that there is still a need among the families and for the foundation itself, and more so "because it advanced the money that did not come in from the public aid that it expected and that is still in talks with the City Council." Currently, in addition, there are "150 children on the waiting list."

"It is the first time that we have created a campaign of these characteristics, but we already carried out another with the same platform in June 2021. The goal was that no child would be left without a pool in summer," reviews the entity's communication manager. On that occasion, they wanted to raise 1,000 euros to ensure two days in the pool for minors at the Casal d'Estiu.

The Fundació team is made up of three educators, a social worker and the director, Sister Mertxe Martínez.

The Fundació does not stop and, as a reminder, this Saturday November 19 (8 pm) there will be a solidarity concert promoted by Mémora and for the benefit of the foundation.

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