The mayor of Reus leaves the PDeCAT

The mayor of Reus and president of the Junts per Reus municipal group, Carles Pellicer, withdraws from the PDeCAT, a decision that he communicated to the party today with immediate effect. The mayor announced the decision this Thursday at noon and has made it clear that he is not going to join any other political formation and that he will continue to act as mayor of the city until the last day. “I have always acted with loyalty and consistency, both personally and politically, throughout my political life. As a councilman, as a mayor, as a deputy and as a senator”, he has remarked.

Pellicer has valued the recent agreement between the PDeCAT and ARA Catalunya, pointing out that "I do not feel linked to the new platform because it has been formulated with the back of the most important mayor of the PDeCAT", and has lamented that the new political project has been configured without counting on the opinion of mayors, mayors and the militancy, without generating debate or weaving consensus. He has made it clear that he has not felt identified with or represented by the PDeCAT for a long time, something that has been aggravated by this agreement.

“Reus has a successful political formula, Junts per Reus, which won the elections in 2019 with nearly 10,000 votes. This is a plural and winning formula and I give my full support. The people of the Reus PDeCAT and myself continue to be linked to Junts per Reus, which is what is really important”, declared the Mayor of Reus.

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