The man killed in Flix could have been attacked by one of his workers

The Mossos are looking for a middle-aged Ukrainian as the alleged perpetrator of the death of a German citizen last night in Flix (Tarragona), whom he would have assaulted after the victim told him that he would dispense with his services.

The event took place in a farmhouse in that town around 9:30 p.m. The man was transferred to a primary care center (CAP) in the municipality, where they could not revive him and he ended up dying.

Catalan police sources have indicated that they are waiting for the autopsy to find out how the attack occurred, since the victim does not have any stab wounds or firearms, so they suspect that he died from a blow .

The first hypotheses of the Mossos suggest that the attacker, who lives in a house near the farmhouse where the event took place, would have fought with the victim after the man told him that he planned to give up his job to house cleaning.

The circumstance arises that the victim's wife reported the events on the 112 telephone number and that she transferred her husband, with the help of the aggressor, to the Flix health care center.

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