The letter to the Kings of Reus

Up to 168 proposals have attended the 2022 call for the Reus Participatory Pressupostos, endowed with one million euros. They are a few less than in 2019, when 190 were presented; but almost double the 93 that there were in 2018, at the premiere of this system that allows citizens to decide the allocation of municipal resources. The receipt of initiatives closed on November 6 and the City Council is now carrying out a technical evaluation to specify which ones adhere to the bases and will therefore go to a popular vote.

Among those that the neighbors have formulated, there are ideas of all kinds. One of the most repeated is to increase the number of free public toilets, but there are also many that ask for more shade and games in the parks, lighting in the dark streets, dissuasive parking – on the beach of roads on Avenida del Comerç or in the old police station on Carrer del Roser– or spaces for playing sports. Some approaches call for opening a Casa de la Festa or the "restoration of the old giants who are in the Museum to go out on designated dates».

There are people from Reus who ask for surveillance cameras on Camí Vell street in Salou and others want them in the containers to correct the incivility related to garbage. They also ask for non-slip pavement and to fix the sidewalks or the asphalt of Flix street or Camí de Riudoms. In the neighborhood of El Carme, they are committed to connecting Calle Girada with Plaza de la Patacada, which they would like to fix and dignify; and in calle Misericòrdia they propose to "invigorate this area which, over the years, has become a crossing point between neighbourhoods" and today "is very unattractive to live in, especially for older people". Linking Jardins de Reus with the Dyna industrial estate is another suggestion.

Requests for new zebra crossings, speed limiters for vehicles and traffic lights are a constant. Several areas demand green areas and the removal of aerial electrical wiring, as well as pipicanes.

By theme, most of the projects revolve around urban planning (39) and mobility (26), although well-being also includes 21, environment brings together 18 and sports and culture have 13 each. There is a catch-all in which, under the label others, 26 ideas have been organized, to which must be added one linked to education and two that fall within the field of innovation. For this reason, proposals have also been sent to install a drone cage, solar panels, a pump track or one bike parkand itineraries for the practice of run as well as bike lanes. The technical evaluation of all initiatives will end on November 30. Then it will be decided if the number of projects makes it necessary to activate the pre-selection mechanism, with which the promoters of the proposals should collect support to reach a vote.

The Councilor for Participation, Montserrat Flores, shows her "gratitude to the public for having seen in the Participatory Pressupostos a relevant tool to convey their requests." She recalls, in this sense, that "there are almost 170 proposals presented" and those that do not meet the bases "we transfer them to the respective departments so that they take into account the concerns."

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