The Haan Altés winery, winner of the BBVA Award for Business Innovation

The Diari has awarded today the BBVA Award for Business Innovation at the Haan Altés winery, a company born in 2010 and located in Batea that produces wine organically and that, in addition, fights to stop the climate change.

Together with another, the winery has created a project to watch over the flora and fauna of the territory. For this, many actions in favor of biodiversity At the same time, hard work has been done to maintain the orography of all the farms they occupy. In addition, in the social sphere, they collaborate with the Gandesa Agrarian SchoolBetting on training in the territory.

Núria Altés, co-owner of Haan Altés explained: “It is very special for us to receive this recognition at home. WeWe have always been clear that organic farming was a key factor in our vineyards, but we wanted to go a little further. That is why we created this environmental project”.

In addition, Altés has pointed out that they continue to work to improve their impact on the environment and for this "we work to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a concern that we had from the beginning and for this we have become members of the International winners for climate actionan association with 37 wineries around the world that fights to preserve the environment. It must be taken into account that agriculture is an important point in this regard”.

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