The Guàrdia Urbana of TGN recovers the new canine unit with Lim

The Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona has recovered the canine unit. He has done it with the help of Lim, a Belgian Malinois shepherd, almost three and a half years old, who has fallen in love with the entire police force. "The goal is for Lim to be just another agent. He must be a tool of proximity between the police and the citizen », explains the Councilor for Citizen Security of the Tarragona City Council, Cristina Guzmán. The initiative comes from an agent of the body and, after much insistence, the high command has decided to support the proposal. Lim's main role will be drug detection. He will also patrol on foot with the agents, "to give a feeling of more security and proximity on the streets," adds Guzmán. This week, Lim has already made his first service, which ended with four records issued for drug possession and use.

Agent 1015 –who from now on we will know as Fran– is the Alma mater of the new canine unit. When this police officer entered the body, 14 years ago now, the unit was dying and ended up disappearing.

Fran had been thinking about the subject for years until, three years ago, he went to Villajoyosa to receive training on citizen security, a unit of which he is part of the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona. There he met the K9 unit – the one in charge of training police dogs – and he had the opportunity to buy Lim. At that time, the dog was one year and four months old, and he had already received a specific training, known as Mondioring.

Returning to Tarragona and still not having bought Lim, Fran presented the canine unit project to her superiors. «I jumped into the pool without water. I didn't know how it would come out », remembers Fran, who without any answer, took the police dog to his house. After much insistence, those responsible for the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona and the Councilor for Citizen Security decided to study the feasibility of the project. "We wanted to see what the Lim needs were and what were the steps to follow to start up this unit," explains Guzmán. Finally, an agreement was reached between the police force and the City Council. The new canine unit costs 2,100 euros per year for the public coffers.

Lim will be one more agent within the body. He will help complement the units that are already underway, above all, the proximity and citizen security unit. “He will patrol commercial areas on foot, and people will be able to approach and meet him. It seems to us that, with Lim, the interaction between the police and a citizen will be less tense. Let me explain: it is not the same that an agent frisked you to see if he finds drugs, that a dog smells you. He is less aggressive. In addition, we will move away from possible discriminatory behavior", explains the councilor, who adds that "with it, we will also control the entrances and exits of the institutes, where we know that narcotic substances are consumed, the playgrounds where groups of young people meet, and the vicinity of bus and train stations. The forecast is that Lim will visit schools and nurseries in the city, so that the little ones can get acquainted with him.

The police dog of the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona trains every day, guided by Fran. “He has the procedure for him. I take him out for fifteen minutes, then he rests for another quarter of an hour, then we train and, finally, he rests for three hours », explains Fran, who admits that, currently, he is seeing his professional dream come true.

a successful premiere

Lim has been released a few days ago. He was present at a blood alcohol test and, hours later, the unit was required by the Mossos d'Esquadra as support. He detected four people carrying drugs. Minutes were taken. Successful first night for the dog.

More and more local police have a canine unit in the body. "In recent years they have proliferated considerably. Salou, Vinaròs or Tortosa already have this unit. And of course, the Mossos d'Esquadra too," explains Guzmán.

Now, Lim and the rest of the unit are preparing to carry out the Christmas campaign, focused on the most commercial areas of the city. "We are working on the adaptation of the animal and, in the coming days, Lim will have its own time slot," explains Guzmán, who does not rule out that the canine unit could be expanded in the coming years.

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