The Government projects a traffic light in Torredembarra to avoid being run over on the N-340

The residents of Punta del Banc street, in the La Marítima urbanization in Torredembarra, have been waiting for ten years for traffic lights to be installed on the N-340 to cross that point without endangering their health and even their lives. Now, once the summer has passed and the great confluence of traffic that concentrates in the area, the hopes that this historic claim will become a reality are rising again and there are many who wonder if the works will finally begin.

The Daily has consulted the Torrense City Council and it has assured that for now, they are pending meetings with State Roads to be informed of the start date of the work, but there is already an approved project and that it will be launched shortly. In fact, the councilor of the PSC in the City Council, José García, announced that yesterday they were informed that there is already a company awarded the works and that technicians from the company came to the area to evaluate it before starting with the works themselves. -Presumably they should be completed at the beginning of 2023.

In the last year, representatives of the Consistory have held up to three meetings with the sub-delegate of the Government, Joan Sabaté, and a representative of State Roads in Tarragona. During the first meeting, the PSC councilor explained that "it was agreed to carry out a study to find out if it is possible to install a traffic light or a roundabout there." In the second "the option of the roundabout was ruled out and the signaling of a regulated pedestrian crossing was chosen, always bearing in mind respect for the movement of vehicles and the crossing of pedestrians." The last meeting was held three weeks ago. In it "the Ministry informed us that it had already closed a budget item and a project to install the traffic light," Garcia said. In fact, "by the end of the year it should be underway," he added, but, despite the fact that the winning company is already known, "this was 21 days ago and we have not yet been informed of any approximate date for the start of works."

ten years of waiting

The residents of La Marítima have been waiting for a decade for a solution that will give them the necessary security when crossing the N-340. It is true that in the Golf de Roses street, there is already an underpass that connects both sides of the road, but the neglect and dirt make insecurity take over those who want to go through there and therefore choose to cross the road.

Now, with the hope placed on a project that has already been approved, the neighbors trust that they will “fulfill” their promise because “it is something necessary,” Francisco Martínez cries on social networks. Meanwhile, "we will continue to cross carefully before an accident occurs, waiting for them to execute it," he lamented.

The petition began by giving the option to install either a traffic light or a roundabout. At that time, the previous Fomento ruled out the traffic light option because it considered that it would slow down traffic much more, and even more so taking into account the passing of trucks there. Once the free access to the AP-7 came into force, this step decreased considerably and Torredembarra's claim to install the traffic light that finally will be implemented at this point of the road became more viable.

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