The government of Reus approves the last budget of the mandate

The plenary session of the Reus City Council, which is taking place this Friday, November 18, has pushed forward the municipal budgets, the last of this term, although only with the 15 favorable votes of the government team: Junts per Reus, ERC and AraReus. The opposition, on the other hand, has been against it, criticizing especially that taxes and fees are frozen, now, when "they are in the run-up to the electoral campaign, and they put on the mask that they are not raising taxes," exclaimed the spokesperson for the municipal Ciudadanos group , Débora García, but "we come from a fierce collection in a context of crisis", recalled from the CUP, Mònica Pàmies. Thus, he was referring to the rise of 9.7% in 2020 and 2% in 2022. They also do not consider that the budgets respond "to the concerns of the citizenry", said the PSC spokesman, Andreu Martín, who has criticized that "we are betting everything on the Hispània project".

"These are the lines that, as a government, we have been maintaining, in coordination with the Pla d'Acció Municipal", recalled the councilor for Hisenda, Mariluz Caballero. Faced with the opposition's accusation of "little social sensitivity", Caballero recalled the plans to boost the economy with its own resources. "It is also social to keep rates frozen," she added. But she has not stayed here, and she has asked the question: "If they were in government, how would they raise a budget with all the obligations and maintain the quality of public services?" As for "the electoral holder of the tax freeze, I would give the definition more rigor by saying that it is a fiscal policy that minimizes the impact of the economic context that it generates on companies and the citizenry as a whole," Caballero argued.

There has also been criticism among the opposition for the short time that the groups would have had to review all the documentation regarding budgets and modifications of fiscal ordinances. "We do it now and not in December so that budgets and ordinances are effective as of January 1," the Hisenda councilor replied.

After the heated debate, the vote was given, with 15 votes in favor of the government team, 11 against CUP, PSC and Ciudadanos, and one abstention from the non-attached councilor, Raúl Meléndez. Regarding the modifications of tax ordinances, some points have had the abstention of Meléndez and Ciudadanos or the support of PSC.

It should be remembered that the budget of the City Council Group for the year 2023 amounts to 195,366,630 euros; 131,281,080 euros correspond to the City Council; to autonomous organizations, 8,331,372 euros; and 70,217,052 euros, to municipal companies. Regarding the investment plan of the City Council Group, it is endowed with 18 million euros, of which 12.6 correspond to investments by the City Council. Some planned projects are the Gregal Civic Center (one million euros), the progress of the Hispania urban project (1.3 million), the Economic and Social Impulse Plan (1,222,000 euros) or an item of 425,000 euros for the Burial of the high voltage lines of the El Pinar urbanization.

Once the budgets have prospered, the mayor of Reus, Carles Pellicer, has recalled that these are the last as mayor, highlighting the "investment effort" and leaving the City Council "with solvency for the next term." "Control and rigor," he added.

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