The electric scooter and bike rental service at TGN, to tender in December

Almost two years after the arrival of the first shared rental electric scooters, in January 2021, the Tarragona City Council will put the service out to public tender. The process is scheduled to begin in December. Thus, the current model will be left behind, which allows any company that meets a series of requirements and is based on competition between firms to enter the city to operate, to move on to a model in which a single brand will be able to offer the service.

Although the details of the tender are still unknown, since the conditions that will mark the project are being drafted and defined, the town hall has confirmed to the Daily The contest will be divided into two parts. On the one hand, the electric scooter service will be tendered and, on the other, the electric bicycle service. In this sense, the same company may obtain the concession of both services, or they may be carried out by two different companies, but in no case will there be two brands competing by providing the same vehicle service.

A total of five firms have passed through Tarragona since the landing of this sustainable mobility model. Reby and Bird were the first to arrive; then Spin joined, and later Lime. Tier finally arrived. However, during this time Spin and Lime left the Tarragona market, and then Bird, with which currently only Reby and Tier operate.

The two brands can offer both the scooter rental service and the electric bicycle rental service, and for now Tier has already confirmed that it will enter the contest. «Tier's commitment in Tarragona is long-term and we look forward to the publication of the tender. At Tier we offer high-quality services and in Tarragona we have had the opportunity to demonstrate that we are the ally that the city needs to improve its urban mobility", the general manager of the German firm in Spain, Manuel Arauco, told this medium.

Tier stood out on its arrival in Tarragona in May for offering scooters with a built-in helmet, a safety measure that had become mandatory a few weeks earlier, and for having cutting-edge, high-precision technology that forces the vehicle to be parked just in authorized car parks. Fantasmo is the name of this technology that allows you to park in designated areas with great precision.

The company that created this was bought by Tier at the end of March, so that the German firm integrated it into its vehicles. Fantasmo works with the Camera Positioning System (CPS), a new positioning technology ten times more precise than GPS and capable of validating scooter parking with an accuracy of 20 cm. Thus, if a user does not park the electric scooter in the parking area designated for it, he will not be able to finish the trip, which contributes to guaranteeing orderly parking in the city, and, therefore, safer urban mobility.

Change of model

The Mobility Department of the Tarragona City Council has long defended the need to change the current model in which several companies can compete for a tender that provides the service to only one of them. However, the Councilor for Mobility, Xavi Puig, already defended at the time that these two years have served to learn how this type of sustainable mobility works in a city at the hands of the companies themselves, who are the experts in the field.

After this time, the council has been able to understand how it works and is now able to create a public tender with conditions that benefit this transport system. Although the details of the bidding process will not be known for a few days, the truth is that the new model will allow greater control by the City Council and will give greater economic security to the companies that end up operating.

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