The drinking water cut-off in Espluga de Francolí has ​​been extended to twelve hours a day

The residents of Espluga de Francolí, since last Wednesday, have not had running water for half the day. From seven in the evening until seven in the morning the taps do not collide.

It's three hours more than before. And it is that the municipal deposit is at ten percent of its capacity, which means that there are reserves for a single day. "In addition, for two days it has dropped from that percentage," says the Councilor for Municipal Services, Xavier Rosell, in the Diari.

The fault lies mainly with the lack of rain, which in recent months has been testimonial, acknowledges the councilman.

On Thursday 3.5 liters fell and yesterday morning, 0.6. With this scenario, the two municipal wells –mainly the Font Major– do not have enough water to fill the tank. The councilor recalls that the second well, drilled in the previous mandate, is not giving the initially expected results either, because the entire area is just as dry.

For this reason, he does not believe that the solution is to build a new one, also taking into account that the Administration's procedures are slow and it would take about three years to materialize.

At the same time, initially there were three days in which the tankers made trips to the CAT connection to Montblanc to carry water to Espluga.

Then it went to five days and now it's all week, with ten daily trips by two companies. “It is a cost that was not contemplated in the budgets and a credit modification will have to be made to divert money.”

At the moment they have not calculated when it will mean for the municipal coffers, but the councilor recognizes that it is beginning to be unsustainable, but emphasizes that the neighbors will not see their water bill increase.

Xavier Rosell recognizes that the neighbors have made and continue to make an effort to consume less water.

In Catalonia, the daily average in a home is between 150 and 200 liters per person. In the case of Espluga it is in the 100 liters. “I understand that the population is desperate. And as soon as it rains, the worse the situation will be.

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