The drill on Wednesday, November 2 will force the Ponent neighborhoods to be confined

Confining yourself at home, closing doors and windows, unplugging air conditioning devices and not picking up children from after-school activities. These are the main indications that the population affected by the confinement drill due to a chemical accident must follow, which will take place next Friday, November 2, starting at six in the afternoon. In the case of Tarragona city, only the residents of the Ponent neighborhoods should be confined. Those who live in the center of Tarragona, are hardly going to find out about the action. La Canonja, Vila-seca and La Pineda, the Cova Mar and Mirador de Salou urbanizations, and a small part of the Reus industrial estate, will be other areas affected by the drill. In total, some 65,000 people will be called to confine themselves.

The accident hypothesis will take place in a company in the southern area and will simulate a chlorine leak. "It is designed so that we reproduce what would happen in a real case," explains Joan Ramon Cabello, Cap of the Territorial Civil Protection Service. The company will notify the emergency services of the incident, who will identify the hypothesis and activate the alarms. It will be then when a score of sirens will begin to sound. Currently, there are 45 scattered around the Camp de Tarragona, of which, that day, twenty will be heard. Two of them new.

At that time, the population, wherever it is, will have to be confined. If it is at home, the citizen must close doors and windows and unplug the air conditioning devices to avoid air exchange with the outside. If the person goes down the street, he should enter the nearest store or bar. The confinement will last between ten and fifteen minutes, and a signal – 30 seconds of siren – will mark the end of the action.

“We have prepared some loudspeaker falcas so that they can be heard inside some establishments, where people are expected to be confined,” explains Cabello. From Civil Protection, they add that you will not be able to go look for children at extracurricular activities. “In fact, we carried out the drill at this time just for this. Sports organizations, schools and cultural centers already know how they should act in this case, "says Cabello. He also remembers that evacuation is not safe, and neither is staying inside the car.

SMS pilot test

On the other hand, and as a novelty, during the drill on day 2, the test of the new system for warning the population through mobile SMS will be carried out, a measure that depends on the central government. "All the people who are within the radius of action will receive a notification on the phone," explains Cabello, who wants to make it clear that it is a test. To check if the messaging service is activated, the population must access the web In addition, all the people who are involved in the drill, Civil Protection volunteers and municipal technicians, will receive another message that will explain if the drill has been successful.

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