The dismantling of underground garbage in Reus extends

The removal of underground dumpster islands is beginning to materialize beyond the old core. The City Council has begun the dismantling of the battery located on Calle Dels Recs. The deposits had been problematic in recent times, with repeated failures that required repairs. Yesterday, finally, workers carried out work to eliminate them permanently. The hole that remains in the subsoil has been covered.

Municipal sources consulted detail that the containers on Calle Dels Recs "are withdrawn". They add that the alternative for the neighbors will be, from now on, "the conventional deposits" that are located in the surroundings. At least since the beginning of this week, the road had been closed to traffic due to the precarious state of the underground battery and the island itself was in disuse and sealed by the Guàrdia Urbana.

The City Council had already acted at the beginning of August to solve a hole that had formed between the containers and the pavement. Some neighbors who came yesterday to throw the rubbish in Calle de la Lleona explained that in Dels Recs «there have been problems for months; the part of the floor that faces the containers was sinking and, in the end, at first glance it seemed that there were already quite a few centimeters of difference».

Surface buckets and trailers

Since the beginning of the year, Reus has been experiencing great changes in terms of collection. With the entry of the new Reus Net contract, the city has gained 397 surface containers more than it had: it has gone from 1,888 to 2,285, according to figures from the City Council. In addition, just last Monday, a new model of emerging islands came into operation that replaces the underground one in the Teatre, Argenters and El Pallol squares. The underground deposits of the Mercadal were also eliminated.

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