The demolition of the Miracle platform will generate a 6,500 m2 square, without parking

The disassembly of the Miracle tome will begin in the second half of next year and, initially, the solution that will be adopted is the provision of a square, in this privileged environment, which will be a first step towards renaturalization. This is the roadmap with which the government team is working, which last May obtained the necessary resources so that this controversial structure can finally be deconstructed.

The action is worked jointly between the areas of Territory and Environment of the Tarragona City Council, the first being the one that exercises the leadership of this initial phase. This goes through the drafting of the project in which it will have to be defined how this disassembly is addressed, taking into account that the objective is to prioritize the "circular economy" and, therefore, that "zero waste" is generated in the operation. "We can eliminate everything, but the idea is to reuse the concrete and value it, which works in our favor, since the company will be able to get a return," says the person in charge of urban planning, Xavier Puig.

The disassembly of the structure will take four months.

According to the current calendar, at the end of this year the drafting of the project will be awarded, which is expected to be finished throughout the first quarter of the year coming. Its writing will be outsourced, based on a minor contract since the City Council ensures that the municipal technical services right now cannot assume. This document will be the one that will finish defining the budget. However, the City Council technicians already made a first estimate a year ago, according to which the necessary investment would oscillate around half a million euros. This figure is in quarantine and will have to be updated, taking into account the current price increase and that the reuse of materials from the structure will be prioritized, so it will have to be seen if this amount can be reduced.

From the project, the works may be awarded, which will begin throughout the second semester of next year. "As for the times, we could start earlier, but we do not want them to coincide in the middle of the beach season, so they will not be carried out until autumn or winter," explains the councilor for Medi Ambient, Eva Miguel Gascon. This affirms that "we want to be prudent" since the objective is that bathers do not have to live with the machines.

The works will have a first phase that will last for four months. All the visible part of the platform will be removed, except for two of the five modules existing in the front. Those that will be maintained are the Creu Roja and the public baths, since these have a functionality that wants to be maintained. It will also remove all beam structureformed by four large longitudinal sleepers, which were built in the placeamong others 597 units, in this case, 7.5 meters long, which are arranged perpendicularly. However, we are talking about a structure of 7,200 tons of reinforced concreteor what is the same 2,864 cubic meters.

by phases

This first part will maintain the foundations of the structure. "What we are clear about is that we cannot remove everything, because they tell us that when the columns were coined, very beastly foundations were made and the bedrock is irregular, therefore we do not know what we will find," adds the head of Medi Ambient, who He considers that this structure "is an outrage comparable to Jaume I". This issue was discussed during a visit that took place in the place with those responsible for this department, in addition to the engineers and the councilor for Territori, with the environmental entities, who are the ones who have led this claim.

Puig: "The idea is to reuse concrete and value it, which works in our favour"

The dismantling of this aerial structure will leave a parking space 6,500 square meterswhich will be the interim solution that will be adopted until the second phase can be continued. On the surface it will not be possible to park and it will take advantage of the fact that there are going to be some tastings to know the subsoil so that vegetation can be planted. It is also planned that more lighting will be installed so that the space can be used safely.

The Greenbelt'26 project, which is the one that obtained the 3.3 million euros of Next Generation European aid establishes that the set of actions must be completed in 2026. This bag of money will finance both this first phase and a part of the second, which is the one that refers to the drafting of the executive project for the renaturation of the environment. This will determine what is done in the future in this space so that it is more integrated with the coastal landscape of the city.

Miguel: "We began to undo the nonsense of this urbanism that did not respect the landscape"

Miguel Gascón advances that this part will be addressed with the Municipal Council for the Environment, that was recently established, and in which the different estates and entities in this area are represented. "We want this body to be the one to debate and project how this space should be without forgetting that the final objective is renaturation and that this be a natural space with a remarkable landscape value," he specifies.

the councilor cubaro emphasizes that "it is the first time that public money will be invested in removing cement." For this reason, he considers that the performance will mean "a before and after". "We began to undo the nonsense of this urbanism that did not respect the landscape and natural surroundings," he concludes. The person in charge of Territori expresses himself along these lines, assuring that this "is not an isolated action" but is in line with other initiatives that are being worked on for the La Móra canal, the mouth of the Gaià and the recovery of the environment of Francoli.

The Miracle platform involved an investment of €8.4 million and it was inaugurated more than 21 years ago. In the last nine years it has been closed due to various problems.

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