The dead couple in Godall had spent months demanding to have light at home

The couple found dead last Sunday inside their Godall house had been claiming for months to have light at home. As a temporary measure, they provided themselves with a generator while the company did not register them. They died from carbon dioxide inhalation; the group was inside the house and had no escape to the outside. They would have started it to go to bed, but they didn't wake up.

The victims, a man and a woman aged 54 and 61, had been a couple for many years. They resided at number 11 San José de Godall street. As far as he could find out Daily, They were residents of Vilanova y la Geltrú and they had recently moved to Godall because they had inherited that address, that they were going to fit out and were preparing to live.

She worked caring for the elderly and they had previously lived in Godall. Some time ago they had also lived in Albacete. A niece explains that for the family, part of which resides in Barcelona, ​​it has been a great blow and that they are still in a state of shock.

"It has been tragic. It is a great misfortune because they were two young, hard-working people. There have been many coincidences: they had just moved there, they had not yet put light on and they used a generator set temporarily and the other day it was one of the first times it was cold and they used it... it was very bad luck». express. The niece even details that her uncle and her partner had told them and complained to the family that they had been asking the company for electricity for two months and that they did not agree with the slowness of the procedures.

«They told us that they were still waiting to have electricity, that they would see if the people from the installation would come at once, that they had requested it months ago and that they were very slow... That is why we felt very frustrated. If the company had gone faster, this would not have happened. It is an injustice what has happened, ”laments this niece.

It was the residents of the town who gave notice that they had not seen the couple for days, that they were already known in the town, and that their cars did not move from the place where they were parked.

"We talked to them often. We had called them and when they did not answer we also wrote to them on WhatsApp, but we did not imagine that they would take a long time to answer because something like this had happened, “says the niece.

Finally, last Sunday the Mossos d'Esquadra entered their home through a window and found the couple lifeless. They also found the generator set already turned off and without gasoline in the tank.

"If the electricity company had gone faster, this would not have happened," laments a niece

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