The crime of Vila-seca, without more resources

The criminal appeal section of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has dismissed the appeal filed on the conviction of a man who treacherously murdered his ex-partner's lover. The same sentence, already final, maintains the compensation to the parties involved that add up to one million euros.

The three magistrates have communicated this Wednesday, November 2, the sentence, after the hearing that was held the last week of October. In it, he concludes by stating that the three judges "determined, in view of the above, that there is no room for appeal (...) against the May 31, 2022 ruling of the Jury Court of the Tarragona Court, whose resolution we confirm”.

The final sentence has pleased the private prosecution of the case, which was led by the lawyer Fernando Martínez, who has remarked that the TSJC has ratified the arguments and the decision of the jury that were reflected in the sentence of last May.

The appeal presented by the defense of the accused, admitted to prison since the end of 2020, tried to dismantle the treachery that accompanied the crime of murder and that the popular jury, according to the defense, would have wrongly assessed.

The second argument was based on the "improper non-application" of the article of the Penal Code that speaks of confession. The defense pointed out that the defendant already considered himself the author of the acts on the same night when he asked the police how many years he would be sentenced for what he would have done.

The third argument of the appeal would be another improper application of the Criminal Code since the defense argues that the accused was in a state of deep obfuscation and the outburst of blindness.

The three arguments put forward have not altered the sentence issued by the Investigating Court Number 4 of Tarragona on May 31 and the TSJC maintains the crimes and their respective sentence: 18 years and 4 months and compensation of one million euros.

The night of August 27, 2020

The perpetrator of the murder of his ex-wife's lover on the night of August 27, 2020, they had been friends for a long time. The crime was perpetrated in a villa in Vila-seca, where the ex-partner of the condemned man has his roots.

The deterioration of the relationship of the defendant and his until then partner, ended with the separation. He stayed in Barcelona with the three children they had (and a fourth from another relationship) and she went down to Reus to live with a friend.

In these circumstances, the deceased and the murderer's ex-wife began a relationship in 2020 and on the afternoon of the 26th they met in Vila-seca, where the ex-wife's family resides.

The defendant traveled the same day from Barcelona to Vila-seca and in this city acquired two fishing knives and a box of latex gloves. He waited near the house where the couple was and broke into it at dawn, through a back door.

He went up and stabbed the deceased a dozen times. Some of the stab wounds reached vital organs and he died on the ground minutes later. His ex-wife woke up and they argued. She did not attack her, but the police presence after the neighborhood notice of a possible home robbery motivated her to threaten her in order to get the agents off her. She did not succeed and ended up arrested. He admitted to being the perpetrator of the crime, although he has tried unsuccessfully to claim that it was self-defense.

After arrest and being brought to justice, the accused entered prison and has only left it for his trial hearings.

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