The Court maintains the expulsion of Said Badaoui for radicalization

The National Court has refused to provisionally suspend the expulsion of Mohamed Said Badaoui, president of the Association in Defense of the Muslim Community of Reus (Tarragona), whom the Police attributes to having indoctrinated through the "dissemination of radical pro-jihadist postulates", especially to minors.

The Contentious-Administrative Chamber has refused to suspend his expulsion and that of Amarouch Azbir, arrested on Tuesday in Vilanova i la Gertrú (Barcelona), considering that general interests should prevail over his personal circumstances.

Both requested the suspension of the expulsion as a precautionary measure in the appeals they presented against the resolution of September 14 that agreed to their expulsion from the country for participating in activities contrary to national security or that may harm Spain's relations with other countries or for be involved in activities contrary to public order.

In relation to Mohamed Said Badaoui, the court explains that his expulsion is based on a complaint from the General Information Commissariat that would reveal his ideological radicalism and attributes to him having allegedly indoctrinated his community "by disseminating radical pro-jihadist postulates, being one of the main referents in Spain of the most orthodox Salafism, which he preaches, with such an influence that, since his arrival, there has been an increase in radicalism in the Tarragona region due to his speech".

According to the Police, Said Badaoui has focused especially on the most vulnerable and manipulable groups, "paying special attention to minors, specifically unaccompanied minors, mainly of Moroccan origin, indoctrinating them in the most radical Salafism, taking advantage of their situation of vulnerability, also having links with radical individuals related to terrorism, and carrying out practices that promote victimhood and Westernophobia."

For his part, the brother of the activist, Jalal Badaoui, has assured in statements to the Diari: “As a result of learning that the precautionary suspension of the expulsion has been dismissed, another appeal has been filed to dismiss the expulsion order. We have hope, but the safest thing is that the expulsion will end up being done”.

The order recalls that the sentence that resolves the appeal will not lose its effectiveness despite the fact that the precautionary suspension is not adopted, since if it is upheld and the expulsion has been executed, "no obstacle is noticed in the return to our country and, if appropriate, the reparation of the damages caused".

Said Badaoui, who has lived in Catalonia for more than 30 years and has three children born in Reus and Valls, was arrested in the Tarragona town of Reus on Tuesday under an expulsion file for his "very radicalized speeches".

The Court considers that his personal and work circumstances cannot prevail against the general interests set forth in the appealed resolution, which considers that a very serious infraction has been committed.

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