The Commons reach out to Aragonés

The leader of the commons in Catalonia, Jéssica Albiach, has asked the president of the Generalitat, Pedro Aragonés, to open a round of meetings and negotiations with other parliamentary groups to "articulate a new progressive majority, because he has been left alone" after the departure of Junts from the Government.

At a press conference this Saturday, he assured that this majority he is asking for "already existed on February 14, 2021, when President Aragonès decided to look the other way" and agree with Junts.

For Albiach, this majority is not decreed, but is negotiated and built, and he textually assures that his party will negotiate with the best of predispositions.

To the question of whether he would enter the Govern, he replied: «Now the debate is not whether we enter or not, it is whether Aragonès will have the capacity to articulate this majority of progress that allows this legislature to be articulated until the end».

"Strong governments" are needed

He has said that from his party they will not participate "in this festival of reproaches that some want to start" after the departure of Junts from the Executive, a situation that he assures was foreseeable and that forces the parties to be up to the country already put the interests of the Catalans before the partisans, he said.

He recalled that ERC now governs with the support of 33 deputies out of the 135 in Parliament and warns that the crisis situation due to inflation requires "strong governments, with stability and with a clear course".

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