The City Council of El Vendrell still owes payment to lifeguards on the beaches

The Rescuers company, in charge of surveillance and lifeguarding on the beaches of El Vendrell, has not yet charged for the service carried out this summer. The figure amounts to 250,000 euros, which is why the company indicates that the situation causes difficulties for its viability.

"We are a small company," explains Israel Bodero, coordinator of Rescuers. "We cannot finance the City Council for so many months because it poses a risk to our continuity and because, in addition, the service is carried out."

In 2017 Rescuers obtained the concession for four years. This season the City Council once again put the service out to tender but Rescuers challenged the tender to which it was presented, in addition to other companies, considering that conditions were required that were not correct. The Court of Contracts of Catalonia paralyzed the contest.

The situation meant that at the gates of the summer season, El Vendrell did not have a guaranteed service since the start of the tender began very late. To save the situation, an exceptional extension was chosen for Rescuers for one year. The company presented a service project and a budget that was accepted. Among others, it updated salaries to the requirements of labor legislation.

Now, months after the beach season ended, the company regrets that it has still not charged for its services. This summer there were 6 lifeguards on the beach between Sant Salvador, Coma-ruga and El Francàs. It was covered from 10:00 to 18:00.

More hours

In addition to showing that the scheduled hours have been met and even more hours have been worked due to the situation of the ship that was stranded in front of the port of Coma-ruga, the company considers that this verification in any case should have been done month after month to avoid reaching the current situation.

The City Council argues that it must review the invoices and compliance with the service hours. Municipal sources assure that it will be paid because a job has been carried out, but no date is set to pay the amount.

The non-payment of the contract for now supposes "a problem for the company since it has to deal with salaries, Social Security and other bills with its own resources and we are small", explains the Rescuers coordinator and asks for agility to whom it corresponds to carry out the checks that are deemed necessary.

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