The Barri del Port beats for cardiovascular diseases

A frenetic day was lived yesterday afternoon in the streets of the Barri del Port, in a solidarity initiative of the Col legi El Carme. Hundreds of boys, girls and their families came out to play -and compete- at the end of classes in an orientation course for all audiences, especially those with a resistant physical and lung capacity. It was the third course organized by the school (the first two took place before the pandemic) to raise funds for the TV3 Marathon, which this year will take place on Sunday, December 18 and will be devoted entirely to cardiovascular diseases and heart health.

"Run, we have to be the first to arrive, we have to find the QR code," one of the fifth-year students seized his group, as soon as they left the school door: "Run!" he insisted. Behind him, his classmates followed him at face value as if it were their course grade. And behind them, two or three mothers hurried to keep up with them, making some ironic comment about the importance of cardiovascular research in these cases. The objective was to find all the posters with QR codes to learn about the different coronary diseases and complications, write them down and continue searching. To do this they had the help of a map that indicated the twelve locations and forced them to walk - or rather run - throughout the Barri del Port: the Tarraco Arena, the Library, the train station and Plaça dels Carros , among other. "We can't skip any, but we must find the codes," panted the fifth-year students, running down the street. Another time at Col legi El Carme, a group of 2nd ESO students were among the first to arrive, half an hour after starting: «We got very tired but we arrived and we learned a lot about cardiovascular diseases, activities like this they are very important”, said one of the members of the group almost breathlessly.

In the school yard, their 4th ESO classmates were waiting for them to give them water and an apple, since they were in charge of the organization: "This is a complementary activity to make these types of diseases visible and see the importance of the investigation”, said Yumara, Berta, Ashley and Doha, proud to collaborate with the organization. A badge was the prize for participating, not for winning, but judging by the races, the students did not know this. “It is important that the little ones learn the values ​​of solidarity, being selfish is wrong”, explained a 4th grade student. From the school itself they were surprised by the participation, with more than 200 people, including students, families and teaching staff.

Blood pressure, myocardial infarction, cholesterol, heart disease, arrhythmias... QR codes hid all kinds of coronary conditions and related information to better understand them. "The intention is to achieve greater awareness of these diseases, which, after all, is the objective of the Marathon, right?" explained the teachers responsible for the action. A perfect orientation course to combine a playful activity with the participation of families, the values ​​of solidarity and the link between the school and the Escoles Verdes with an active proposal. "Lately, the students are very hooked on their mobile phones," acknowledged one of the teachers, so there is nothing better than an action like this to go outside to play. Not even the Gegants del Serrallo wanted to miss the solidarity party, which featured ballot boxes to deposit financial contributions for La Marató de TV3.

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