The Baix Penedès awaits the 'commitment' of the free C-32

The C-32 highway between Cubelles and El Vendrell could be free during the first quarter of next year. That is at least the commitment that the mayor of Cunit, Jaume Casañas, says he has in writing with the signature of the former Secretary of Mobility of the Generalitat, Isidre Gavin.

Casañas hopes that this commitment assumed by the new Secretary of Mobility, Marc Sanglas, and quickly make it public. In fact, on October 11, a meeting was scheduled to announce that decision, but as the days go by, it is feared that there may be a step backwards.

A few days ago there was a new hit on the C-31 as it passed through Cunit. A car ran over a young woman who was crossing the road at a zebra crossing. For the mayor, this event shows that the measures implemented by Carreteres on the Cunit crossing with the aim of reducing the accident rate have not worked.

The Generalitat placed a barrier along the entire route with New Jersey-type blocks so that it could only be crossed at zebra crossings. But for the mayore The problem is the high volume of traffic with more than 20,000 vehicles per day and the large number of zebra crossings.


A situation to which the neighbors join the fhigh lighting and measures to slow down such as rumble strips and the need for traffic lights.

In any case, the mayors of Cunit and Calafell acknowledge having the letter from the previous Secretary of Mobility. "But it has changed and we are waiting for the new one to confirm whether it is still valid or not," points to the mayor of Calafell, Ramon Ferré.

For his part, the mayor of El Vendrell, Kenneth Martínez, considers that the word should not be doubted, but I would be more satisfied to see that commitment reflected in the budgets of the Generalitat. «The reality of the gratuitousness of that stretch of motorway or of the extension of the hospital will be seen in the budgets».

In a recent letter from the mayor of Cunit in the Department of Mobility of the Generalitat recalling that the announcement should have been made in mid-October, has received a response that a date is being sought to make it public.

“That they publicly reaffirm the commitment or that they tell us no and then the region will act accordingly».

Free access to the C-32 between Cubelles and El Vendrell would be for all vehicles every day of the week for cars with Teletac or with the Awai mobile application. The mayor of Cunit considers that with this gratuity that would make the C-32 a free round to avoid passing through the center of densely urbanized towns, the passage of up to 10,000 vehicles a day could be avoided.

Casañas also explains that in addition to being free, it has been possible for at the crossing of Cunit traffic lights are placed at least at some of the various zebra crossings to try to slow down and increase the safety of pedestrians.

The C-31 crosses through the center of Cunit and Segur de Calafell. what in factIt is a street due to the large number of crosswalks, zebra crossings and times that neighbors must cross it daily.It is, however, a main network road and no matter how much make-up you put on it, it still has that aspect that is not in keeping with an urban layout in the city.

Municipalities have drawn for years projects that would make the current highway an urban avenue with an extension of the sidewalks, bike lanes, trees and space for walking and leisure. However, any such project happens because the Generalitat gives the road to the municipalities. And for this, the C-32 motorway must be that free alternative that takes passing vehicles out of the center of towns.

That model is not new. A few kilometers from Baix Penedès and when the C-32 was built, Vilanova knew how to negotiate so that the motorway passed through its municipality would not have a toll and the expressway is a ring road that avoids the city center.

Both Calafell and Cunit hope that the free C-32 will be the step that allows an urban transformation of its main communication axis.

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