The AP-7 in Tarragona will have a new section radar and speed will be reduced to 100 km/h

The Catalan Traffic Service and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda have agreed act on four sections of the AP-7 motorwayspecifically over 83 kilometres, limiting and controlling speed to reduce accidents and congestion.

The main point where action will be taken corresponds to the 19 kilometers of motorway parallel to the B-30, in El Vallès, where variable speed sections 100 or less km/h.

The speed will also be limited to 100 km/h. between Calafat and L'Ampolla, and between Altafulla and Constantíheading south, a section radar will be placed to ensure that speeds of 120 km/h are not exceeded.

Finally, in the Ronda de Girona, one of the four lanes will become a road reserved for arrivals and departures

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