The accommodation service of the Social Center El Roser, in a couple of weeks

In the coming weeks, the temporary accommodation service of the El Roser Social Center will come into operation. The forecast is that it will be between the end of this month of October and the beginning of November, with a capacity of up to 16 people divided between two rooms of eight each. With this new service, the social center will now be fully operational, after the soup kitchen came into operation in January in this new location.

Temporary accommodation will be a new service in the city, a different option to the current private resources, such as rooms in hostels or social entities. From the consistory it is highlighted that it is a "temporary emergency" solution for people in a situation of social exclusion. More specifically, the attention will be carried out in two modalities: on the one hand, as an emergency residential reception service, that is, in specific cases of damage to the home due to fire or collapse. On the other hand, as a temporary residence service for adults in a situation of social exclusion, for people who do not have socio-family conditions to stay in their home, or also homeless.

Being able to offer the accommodation service in the same space where food management is also carried out and, at the same time, welcomes professionals from the Department of Social Welfare – who were previously in the old hospital premises – represents an improvement in social care and the quality of the service. And it is that it will allow the development of work plans with better guarantees.

Thus, through this new service, beyond accommodation, users will also receive maintenance (breakfast, lunch and dinner), reception by a technical team, social support and also shower and laundry services.

The cooperative company of associated work, of social initiative and non-profit Suara Serveis, SCCL is the one who will manage the new service. It was in August that the City Council awarded the contract to said company for an amount of 209,475.90 euros (VAT included) and a duration of one year, renewable annually for up to three years.

food service

At the same time, the food service has been running for ten months now. This includes the social dining room, which meant the transfer of a service that was being provided in a place on Francesc Bartrina street, to the new dependencies, in the old prison. There is also the social pantry, where the people served (those considered by the City Council's Social Services team) can choose what they need from shelves with fresh and packaged food, following a points system.

Food services are completed with the Reus Food Management program and a cafeteria. All of this is managed by the UTE ARADA and FITEI Alimentació Reus, made up of ARADA Insertion Company Cáritas Diocesana Tarragona SL, and Training and Employment, Insertion Company SLU.

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