The 385 riding halls of the Tarragona demarcation

The network holds surprises. A few days ago we discovered that there is a ranking of riding stables in Spain, prepared by Internet users. The website is and information is provided on the users who visit these spaces. Do not think that these are horse riding venues but public access sites, various, even unusual, for sexual encounters.

The demarcation of Tarragona currently occupies the 26th position in the state ranking with 385 riding halls. If we take into account that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics as of January 1, 2022, our demarcation is the 18th most populous in the State, both rankings are uneven.


However, during the few days that we have followed the web, our demarcation has gone from 370 to 385, proof of proactivity. We maintain a friction with the provinces of Córdoba and Salamanca. Although the figures by location are not so exact, the city of Tarragona has 41 riding stables. The map offered does not accurately discriminate the municipal terms and does not indicate at a glance the names of all the localities.

As for spaces, although the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language includes the meaning of "house or apartment that someone dedicates to their erotic encounters of a reserved nature», The alternatives that Internet users propose go further. They start from public and not private use, they are varied and for all tastes: wastelands, industrial estates, abandoned buildings, clothing fitting rooms... They explain their experiences in these places, outside a home; the best way to go, whether on foot or by car, day or night, as well as the degree of privacy you will find.

In the city of Tarragona, Internet users have chosen parks, car parks, beaches, forests, sports courts, or even schoolyards, toilets in public or commercial spaces, or the surviving machine gun nests from the Civil War. From Ponent to Llevant, from the coast to the hills that surround the center, the web is well served. There are those who seek a certain romanticism, emphasizing not only the tranquility but also the views of the sea or the historic center.

lexical doubt

One of the doubts that has been raised to us has been the very word picadero. In the colloquial register, which someone will consider vulgar, this barbarism is used to refer to a space for love encounters and/or furtive sex. The book Barcelona slang, by Antonio Sánchez, Rafael Taixés and Rafael Tasis (Parsifal, 2011), accepts the picadero as a "private, generally clandestine place to fuck". In fact, that word is the most widespread among speakers.

Google translator turns it into a picador, accepted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans as a space for dressage and training of horses and in which people learn to ride. But perhaps it reminds us too much of the bullfighting lexicon, where the sink hurts more than pleasure. On the other hand, the Catalan translator Pau Vidal Gavilán has sought an alternative and opted for a localism from Pallars: rabbit hutch.

This makes the meaning clear, since rabbits are an animal that the collective imagination often identifies with a sexual content: fucking like rabbits or having children like rabbits are paremias related to sexuality. Beyond Playboy's international label, rabbit is also a euphemism for female genitalia, and as an adjective it means naked.

There are still more ordinary alternatives such as follódromo or cardódromo, and other cheesy ones, which should not always fit with practice, such as nest or love nest. The Castilian has found a more polished neologism: sexcondite, yes, not accepted by the dictionary of the Academy. In Catalan it doesn't look bad: sexamagatall, but I don't see much of a future for it either.

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