TGN awards the use of six farms in the Nàstic, which wants to go to the Sports City this 2022

Gimnàstic de Tarragona now has a clear path to move its grassroots football to Campclar's Mediterranean Ring soon. The City Council published yesterday in its electronic headquarters the agreement that the municipal government (ERC-Junts per Tarragona-CUP) materialized on September 22 to award the management of six public estates in favor of the grana club for the next fifty years, giving This forms an almost definitive step for the Budellera entity to build its new Ciutat Esportiva in the Ponent area.

In the agreement of the executive of the Plaça de la Font it is established that the local corporation makes an award directly in favor of the Gimnàstic because it is a "non-profit entity and has been declared of public utility", in exchange for the payment of an annual canon of 76,937 euros per year. Overall, the future sports venue will occupy an area of ​​47,000 square meters and will be located in the area where the car park was set up during the 2018 Mediterranean Games.

Three fields with booths

The president of Gimnàstic, Josep Maria Andreu, stressed yesterday that the step taken is "good news." The highest representative of the grana entity stresses that the club "has everything ready" to start the works. "If we can start them in October or November, in two months we can transfer base football," he said yesterday in statements to this newspaper. This calendar would translate into the fact that the 600 young people who defend the colors of Nàstic in all its lower categories could move to Campclar between December and January 2023.

As detailed in the project for the first phase of the Ciutat Esportiva, the planned investment is 1.5 million euros to carry out earthworks, urbanize the surroundings and fit out two artificial turf football pitches suitable for football 11, as well as another midfield for football 7. "The objective is to be able to respond to the current needs of the club in the short term to have adequate equipment to train and celebrate sporting events of all categories of the club", it is emphasized in the project. Likewise, booths will also be adapted to complement the daily activity.

It will have "citizen use"

For its part, the City Council also assessed the operation positively. “This is great news. We are finishing a path that has been tortuous and, luckily, ends well", the councilor for Territori, Xavier Puig (ERC), told the Diari yesterday, adding that the upcoming arrival of the Nàstic at Campclar "will greatly enhance the Mediterranean Ring sports complex ».

Likewise, it should be noted that the new facilities can also be used by all citizens, beyond the grana partners. "The concessionaire must reserve the free use of the space in favor of the City Council, when required, to carry out any activity based on the public interest," it is stated in clause 23 of the award. What does this mean? «The concessionaire (el Nàstic) must annually carry out programs or activities for all citizens derived from the functional plan in areas such as sports/education, sports/health, sports/social cohesion/, sports/training and sports / tourist and cultural promotion of the city", is added in the contract.

This translates into the fact that activities such as Casals Esportius or campus and healthy eating activities could be organized in the future Ciutat Esportiva. In the field of social cohesion, the option of promoting initiatives in favor of gender equality in sport or, in training, carrying out activities to improve and technify sports football, as well as hosting grassroots football events or competitions, would be considered.

The award obliges Nàstic to reserve the free use of the venue for the Sports Board

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