Tarragona's trade with Russia sinks by 83%

The commercial relations of Tarragona and Russia have had a foreseeable bump so far in 2022. Imports, the main bulk of transactions, have sunk 83% in recent months. Between May and August Tarragona bought 31 million from Russia, for the 188 in the same period of 2021, according to the balance sheets of Foreign Trade, a body dependent on the Ministry of Industry.

The link, especially in terms of purchases, was close until the outbreak of the war. From then on, both the sanctions and the vetoes caused relations with the country to be suspended. Moral considerations have also come into play. The Bauhaus firm, with a presence in Tarragona, suspended the supply of Russian products in March, because the escalation of violence went against "the company's values."

Between May and August Tarragona bought products from Russia worth 31 million, 83% less than in the same period of 2021 (188)

Of course, the economic and commercial blockade imposed has also been generating counterproductive effects in the business fabric of Tarragona. «Everything has an impact, because the production chains are not cut. You can penalize Russia, but relations go further, there is a domino effect towards countries and companies from other parts of the planet”, explains Professor Maria Llop, director of the Department of Economics at the URV.

The main slogan has been to stop depending on Russia for energy, a connection that in Spain was not too deep. The figures published by the Port of Tarragona show how companies have cut off this tap. From January to September, 562,684 tons of bulk liquids have entered the Port from Russia, a type of traffic that represents 60% of the total volume and which includes products such as crude oil or hydrocarbons. It is the same amount that was in the accumulated until April.

Since then, in the last six months nothing has come from that source. In 2021, by now, twice as many had arrived, 1.2 million. The United States is the leading country in terms of activity in the Port with respect to these bulk liquids, with 1.6 million tons, ahead of Libya, Algeria and Nigeria, nations that have come to fill the gap left by Russia as fuel seller. Last year Russia was the fourth country in activity. Now it is the seventh.

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