Tarragona will not touch anything of the Jaume I until the judge endorses what there is as evidence

The long-awaited conversion of the Jaume I into a conventional underground car park must continue to wait. The recent admission to processing of the civil lawsuit filed by Aparcaments Municipals for the alleged "double payments" in the billing of the machinery that was to be used to start up the car park will cause the release of the controversial hole in the Part Alta to be delayed breast the.

On September 22, the magistrate of the Court of First Instance number 15 of Madrid notified the City Council that he accepts to deal with the claim of the local corporation, which based on an expert opinion presented a document in which it affirms that, at present, in The hole would only have material worth 831,000 euros when almost five million euros would have been paid in fixtures and installations based on two leases with Metropolitan and BSCH.

For this reason, now, the decision of the presidency of the municipal company that manages the site is that, for the moment, nothing is touched until the judge does not guarantee that what is there "has value as evidence" or until, instead , a technical report commissioned by the court itself has been prepared for the trial. “One of our test items is the material that is there. Prudence tells us not to touch anything”, indicates the president of the public company, Jordi Fortuny (ERC).

Aparcaments Municipal's complaint could allow it to recover a small part (4.2 million) of the more than 25.7 million spent on the disastrous work that, initially, had a budget of 3.9 million but, on the other hand, has never been able to open because the planned robotic system has never worked. In this sense, seven months ago the council announced that it has an additional investment of five million euros on the horizon to definitively convert the space into a normal parking lot, without the robotic system planned to be able to accommodate a total of 319 parking spaces. . However, now this plan has been paralyzed until the judge gives the OK to the evidence for civil proceedings.

“The future risk is great”

The news of the admission of the civil lawsuit was valued yesterday by the opposition parties. “We have already brought this matter to justice after an internal audit. It is good news that the renting complaint is not filed, and hopefully the trial goes well because the risk for the future is great, "says the socialist councilor Pau Pérez.

From En Comú Podem, its spokesperson –Àngels Pérez– also values ​​the step taken “positively”, recalling that “we have been saying for years that this project costs the people of Tarragona a lot of money, it is the biggest disaster in the history of the city”. In this sense, Pérez asks that "justice clarify the money paid in excess and that it return to the municipal coffers, from where it should never have come", while criticizing that "both Mayor Nadal and Ballesteros did nothing to solve this situation", and that now "ERC has taken too long to put this issue on the priority agenda".

Finally, Lorena de la Fuente (Cs) demands that "the corresponding responsibilities be cleared for the damages caused to the City Council by the fact of having paid in duplicate." Likewise, the spokeswoman for the orange formation regrets that "it is a disaster that we have been dragging since the time of Nadal, which was not solved in the socialist stage and that, in the final stretch of the municipal government of Esquerra, there is no way out either" .

Aparcaments has on the horizon to invest five million to make it a conventional car park

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