Tarragona registers 400 more unemployed during the last quarter

Unemployment has risen in Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre by 400 people during the last quarter. The data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) corresponding to the period between July and September 2022 leave the unemployment rate in the province at 10.76%, one tenth above the second quarter this year and one point below the same period last year.

Employment, on the other hand, grew by some 6,500 more people this third quarter. Despite this, the growth of the active population -which reaches 395,800 people- means that it remains at 51.56%, above the 50.52% of the second and still slightly below the percentage of the same period from a year ago -52.09%-.

Despite the increase in unemployment in the summer months, the EPA data confirm a favorable trend compared to the same third quarter of last year: it has gone from 47,300 people at that time to 42,600 this year. Those who have noticed the increase the most have been women, who have gone from 20,000 in the second quarter to 22,500 in the latter, although still far from the 23,400 a year ago.

Even so, it must be taken into account that in the same period of 2021 the figure for the total active population was 401,900 people throughout the province, of which 354,600 were employed. Thus, during this last period, the rate generated by the 6,500 newly employed -within a total of 353,200- has been lower than that of a year ago.

By sectors, only services gained in employed persons during the second quarter of this 2022 compared to the immediately previous one, thanks to the recovery of summer tourist activity. They are, specifically, 17,200 more people, a figure, on the other hand, of 3,000 people less than compared to the same period a year ago.

The rest of the sectors of activity lost employment. Especially noteworthy is the case of industry, with 5,000 workers less than the previous quarter, although the figure is 400 people above the data for a year ago. Agriculture also loses employment, 2,900 fewer workers -although it remains above the third quarter of 2022-. Construction also drops in similar figures: 2,800 fewer people -300 people below the level of occupation registered a year ago-.

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