Tarragona on orange alert due to gusts of wind that can reach 90 km/h

The entire province of Tarragona registers today a wind alert widespread. The storm affects a large part of Catalonia, although with special intensity at Tarragonès, Baix Camp, Baix Penedès and the Conca de Barberàwhere Civil Protection has activated the orange alert.

According to forecasts, gusts of wind can reach 90 kilometers per hour at certain points. The peak of this meteorological situation is expected to be reached from 12 noon to 6 in the afternoon. However, despite the fact that the alert is reduced to a yellow level, the wind will continue to blow throughout the day and even during much of saturday.

For this reason, Civil Protection asks citizens to take extreme precautions and avoid driving and being outdoors as much as possible. Remember to avoid above all wooded areas where branches or trees could fall.

In addition, also at the urban level, it is necessary to be very careful with the possible fall of structural elements and other objects that may be on facades and balconies. At a preventive level, elements that may be unstable and fall due to the wind must be removed from facades and balconies. It is also not safe to take cover behind walls or billboards if they are not stable.

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