Tarragona hospitals will manage sick leave

The two health regions of the province (Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre) have recently begun to manage temporary disabilities (TI) generated by hospital admission from the same hospitals.

This measure is made with the aim of de-bureaucratizing the management of these casualties. People who are admitted, either on a scheduled or urgent basis, to the Juan XXIII (Tarragona), San Juan (Reus), Santa Tecla (Tarragona), El Vendrell, Pío de Valls, and Virgen de la Cinta hospitals. of Tortosa, the Comarcal de Amposta, the one of Móra d'Ebre or in the Terres de l'Ebre Clinic they will receive sick leave automatically, and their relatives will not have to go to the user's reference CAP to manage it.

The measure benefits the population of working age and seeks to streamline processes, reduce the number of visits to primary care for this type of management, debureaucratize the system and improve the experience of the patient and their family environment.

19% of the temporary disabilities (TI) generated in the Camp de Tarragona Health Region are due to hospital admission, so that the automated management of sick leaves is expected to save between 15,280 and 27,290 visits per year in the HEAD of this region. The automated management of casualties is expected to save between 3,991 and 7,127 annual visits to the CAPs in the southern regions of the province.

The measure is initially applied to hospitalized patients from different sources: emergencies, scheduled surgical and scheduled medical. Thus, the processing of IT already begins in the hospital when it is prescribed in accordance with the admission order.

Once the patient is admitted, the administration of the center collects the information required to manage the discharge and the confirmation statement is automatically generated if the patient is still admitted 7 days after the first day he missed work, with a maximum validity of 14 days. days.

Both the withdrawal and the first statement can be downloaded immediately from the Meva Salut (the application). The following confirmation communications, after these 14 days, must be managed by primary care.

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