Tarragona asks that the company Global Talke be investigated

The Tarragona City Council urges the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat to promote an in-depth investigation of the company Global Talke (located on Calle del Plom in the Riu Clar industrial estate) with the aim of clarifying the causes of the two fires that occurred this week at your facility, the first and most important last tuesday.

The consistory wants the Generalitat to clarify, through its competent bodies, the causes of the two fires (the second this friday), evaluate compliance with regulations on industrial and occupational safety and settle any responsibilities that may arise.

Likewise, the Administrative Police Unit (UPA) of the Guàrdia Urbana has acted in recent weeks requesting information from the Departament d'Establiment i Llicències. From the Tarragona City Council and, specifically, Civil Protection has activated the municipal pre-alert for chemical risk during the two episodes. Likewise, he wants to know the results of the investigation as soon as they are finished.

Two fires in one week

The Global Talke logistics services company for food and chemical products, located on Calle del Plom, has suffered two incidents this week as a result of two fires at its premises.

The first occurred during the night of October 18 in a company warehouse where flammable chemical liquid products were stored, which caused a cloud of toxic calcium chloride smoke outside the warehouse, according to the emergency services.

As a result of this fire, the Plaseqta pre-alert was activated and, during the intervention of the emergency bodies, Two firefighters were affected and required transfer to the Joan XXIII hospital.

This morning, there has been a new fire in the same company when part of the remains of the fire that occurred 3 days ago have combusted, again causing a cloud that on this occasion, according to what they indicate from Bombers, was not toxic, to although it has assumed the presence of carbon monoxide.

The two incidents that occurred during the early hours of the morning have required the action of the emergency services and patrolling of the neighborhoods closest to the company to require, as a preventive measure, the confinement to home of the people found on the street.

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