Tarragona, among the provinces of Spain with the most ongoing investigations

The recurring criticisms of wealth management are reflected at the judicial level. The alleged sloppiness is not just an impression, judging by the most recent statistics. Tarragona is the fourth province in Spain with the most investigations for crimes against historical heritage, according to the 2021 balances of the different prosecutors.

Although they are not data, in volume, too bulky compared to other crimes, they do reveal a problem in a territory, moreover, that stands out for its abundant monumental legacy, not only Roman but from different eras. During the past year, six investigative proceedings were initiated in the province, which is only behind Madrid (13), Barcelona (10) and Valencia (9).

It must be borne in mind that these territories are also much more populated and much more extensive. By population, there are more cases in Tarragona than in any other Spanish province.

numerous cases

Last year was a particularly profuse course at the beginning of this type of investigation, an aspect that generates concern in the Prosecutor's Office. There were six processes while in 2020 there was no record of any investigation initiated in this regard in Tarragona. In 2019, the province returned to fourth position, with eight open investigations, surpassing Barcelona (seven), and at the level of Spain only behind Granada, Pontevedra and Valencia.

During the past year, three crimes were detected in judicial proceedings initiated. Slower and more complex is the resolution of all these cases, since the balance indicates that in 2021 there were no sentences in this area, according to the data accumulated in the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). The case count varies by fiscal year. In the last four years almost 20 investigations have been initiated in Tarragona for the destruction of historical heritage.

Judicial advances

Justice continues to investigate. In addition to what happened with the Tower of Minerva, whose performance is expected to come to trial, the demolition of the Codony abbey, a century-old construction in Perafort that began to be built in 1303 and was the origin of the current municipality of Tarragonès.

The works also affected a site with Iberian, Roman and medieval remains. At the time, the Department of Culture valued the damage at more than 40,000 euros.

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