Tabacalera Module 6 reopens after 15 years closed and without activity

Module 6 (M6) of the Tabacalera will open its doors again this weekend and for a month with an exhibition. The nave, which closed its doors about 15 years ago, is the closest to the Necropolis and Parc Central. It has always been the most popular and well-known module of the old tobacco factory because, in 2017, the Oppida platform occupied it illegally as a protest. They asked the municipal government –that socialist moment– to activate the space as a self-managed cultural and social center.

Now, Module 6 of the Tabacalera will form part of the Mèdol-Centre d'Arts Contemporànies space, which will serve as a complement to the headquarters, located in Casa Canals. The first thing that will be done will be an exhibition, although it will also serve as a multipurpose space for use by city entities.

In fact, this was the promise of the City Council, since the reactivation of this ship was one of the requirements that the CUP set to enter the municipal government, in June of last year. In this way, the Consistory intends for the public to begin to taste the possible new cultural uses of the Tabacalera facilities.

It should be remembered that this module is known to have been occupied in May 2017 by the Oppida platform. The entity claimed to promote a self-managed social center in which cultural groups had a place. The episode was publicized since even the Guàrdia Urbana had to mediate with the protesters so that they would end up vacating the warehouse. Five years later, Module 6 reopens its doors to become an art and exhibition center.

Objective: to know the Tabacalera

For the City Council, the implementation of this facility responds to the objective of opening, little by little, spaces of the Tabacalera so that the population gets to know them. The proposal already began in summer, when a cycle of contemporary dance was carried out in the gardens and in an indoor location. The initiative was so popular that it is repeated this coming weekend.

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