Sunday gatherings around a good glass of wine

What a good wine can do is known if you drink it, but not only that. You have to do it conscientiously, smell it and enjoy the moment. And what better occasion to put it into practice than going for a nice walk through the fair Cambrils, entrance to the Wine Country. In these lines I am going to try to convey to you what hundreds of people have, are and are going to experience until Wednesday in the Parc del Pescador. I hope and wish to envelop you in that acid aroma around which a warm atmosphere has been generated in which, once you enter, you can no longer escape. Let's start.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that wine is a kind of poetry that is bottled. I don't know how many verses can come out of a good Montsant or a pleasant Priorat, but I can assure you that the walk among the 35 wineries that offer their black and white gold in Cambrils invites, and a lot, to have a conversation most enjoyable with friends, family and loved ones with, of course, a delicious wine in hand.

At least this is what the Masagué Castillo family from Cambrila did. "We come every year and every day of the fair, either in the morning or in the afternoon," they explain. "The excuse is to get together all and have a good wine." And so it was, yesterday, Friday, and I am completely sure that today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Because, I really tell you, that meeting these days in the Parc del Pescador is immersing yourself in an environment that captivates: "It's extraordinary."

There are some who are even surprised by this good vibes. For example, to Francesca Martínez, a member of a non-profit gastronomic society, some fans who participate in the fair every year: «Yesterday afternoon there were so many people that I asked the ambulance staff, what happened? They told me nothing, that they had not had to intervene in anything. There's an impressive good vibe."

And if some are surprised by this harmonious coexistence, others are fascinated by the enormous influx of people they are having. One of the brothers from the Coca i Fitó winery, established in Montsant, hardly believes it: “We were afraid of being alone because the weather forecasts were terrible. But we are really impressed with all the people who are coming », he explains. "It is truly a pleasure to be able to share our passion for wine and gastronomy with such a large number of visitors."

Well, I don't know if I have managed to infect you with what that walk through the Parc del Pescador transmitted to me. What I do know is that no one who goes there will remain indifferent. Engrave this reflection in your mind: «We are all mortal, until the first kiss and the second glass of wine» (Eduardo Galeano). But, is it true that the first kiss is never forgotten? Surely that second drink, either.

Families, wineries and restaurants offer their products at the fair until Wednesday

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