Step forward in the Budgets after the agreements with Bildu and PDeCAT

The project 2023 budget has already secured its approval in Congress after the agreements reached by the Government with EH Bildu and PDeCATthat imply the rise in non-contributory pensions and the free national bus, among numerous investment items.

With two days of debate on partial amendments still ahead, all eyes are on CKDwhat does not confirm a support which is already taken for granted, after it has agreed on a first block of amendments, including the transfer of 900 million to the Generalitat de Catalunya to carry out pending investments.

The 2023 budgets will be voted on in four blocks -instead of only one, as usual-, which has forced the parties to announce the direction of their vote days before the final vote to ensure the approval of their amendments.

This is how PDeCAT and EH Bildu have done it, but not ERCthat it has chosen to announce only the part of the agreement that affects the vote this Tuesday, but without yet assuming the support of its 13 deputies, something that the deputy from Teruel does not do either. There is Tomás Guitarte, who demands more aid for areas depopulated.

In any case, the Budget already has the 174 support it needs to be approved on Thursday (more yeses than noes, since Alberto Rodríguez's seat remains empty and BNG abstains): PSOE (120), Unidas Podemos (33), PNV (6), EH Bildu (5), PDeCAT (4), Canarian Coalition (2), Más País (2), Compromís (1) and PRC (1).

EH Bildu agrees to limits for rent and contributory pensions

The agreement signed by EH Bildu contains two star measures: the extension to 2023 of the limitation of the rent increase to 2% and extension of the 15% increase for non-contributory pensions to the entire next year.

They have also achieved the transfer of traffic powers to Navarra and various budget allocations, such as 12 million for those affected by Thalidomide, ecological investments, more MIR seats or the promotion of the circus in Basque.

The PDeCAT achieves the free bus

PDeCAT has confirmed its support after achieving the free national concession bus during 2023 and a series of economic items with which the endowment for Catalonia will be increased by around 40 million euros.

These include items for research, culture, sport -with special attention to the Copa América to be held in Barcelona- or social, as well as the recovery of bonuses for self-employed street vendors.

They will transfer 900 million to the Generalitat

The first amendments agreed by ERC include a transfer of 900 million to the Generalitat to carry out investments in pending infrastructures, including 384 million for actions in the Maresme derived from the assignment of the N-II and 250 million by to improve the connectivity of AP52 and the AP7.

In addition, the formation has agreed on allocations for Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (40 million), Catalunya Media City (60 million), scientific research (6 million) or for energy transition actions in buildings of the Mossos d'Esquadra and the renewal of the vehicle fleet (43 million).

Montero calls for "responsibility and height of vision"

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has appealed to the "responsibility and high vision" of all groups in the face of "objectively good" accounts to face the country's challenges and has urged them to "stop undermining the rules functioning of the democratic State”.

The minister has defended that the accounts are characterized by their "prudence" and that they have sufficient fiscal margin to face "supervening needs" due to the war in Ukraine, which will be known later because the Government wants to rush "the last minute."

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