Some European aid will make it possible to put an end to water leaks from the core of Bonany, in Querol

The municipality of Querol, in addition to the urban area, has several urbanizations distributed throughout the municipal area and numerous scattered farmhouses, which receive drinking water from the municipal network.

But "we are always making repairs in these sections -in reference to the core of Bonany and the surrounding farmhouses- because there are leaks, plugs are made", he explains to the Daily the mayor, Jordi Pijoan. Now, the City Council has received good news: 103,002.37 euros will come to end this problem.

They are European Next Generation sources, which represent 80 percent of the total cost of the works. For this reason, Pijoan is very satisfied with this news.

The municipality currently has two drinking water supply systems. One is Querol, which supplies the urban area. The other is Bonany, which supplies the nucleus of the same name and several farmhouses in Valldossera.

The City Council directly manages the supply service for both systems. With regard to the housing estates in the Valldossera area (Ranchos de Bonany, Mas Vermell, Mas Gassons, Can Llenes and L'Arboçar) they have their own supply networks managed by the private urban planning entities themselves.

The water supply of the Querol nucleus is carried out with its own sources. The same is not the case in the core of Bonany and the disseminated Valldossera, which are supplied by connecting to the upstream network of the Mas Vermell urbanization.

Bonany's water contains limescale and the pipes age prematurely. Thus, the distribution network in low Bonany and disseminated in Valldossera often has leak problems (greater than 40 percent), which makes it necessary to renew it.

The nucleus of Bonany has a fixed population of nine inhabitants, which rises to 66 during the summer, while the scattered population of Valldossera is 23 in the low season and 64 during the holiday period.

The Bonany deposit is at an elevation of 646 metres. It is a superficial concrete deposit of 130 m.3 of capacity, covered, and that distributes the water in the network in lower Bonany. It is located next to another open tank that belongs to the fire department.

The chlorinated water from the automatic chlorination of the Mas Vermell private high network tank is received in the tank, measuring 250 m3 capacity.

70s network

The municipality's home supply network was built at the end of the 70s, and renovation work with polyethylene has been carried out for some years now, although in the case of Bonany there are leaks due to its poor condition. The system network does not present shortage problems in the connections, but it does have pressure problems in the Casany farmhouse area.

Apart from the change of pipes -2,891 meters-, the existing ones will be disinfected. The renovation or new installation of 23 connections is also planned.

The works have a budget of 135,654.97 euros, of which 80 percent will be provided by European funds. “With that money we can solve the problem. Otherwise we should have waited in the next Works and Services Plan or in one of the Provincial Council, "says the mayor. He recalls that this pipeline serves 25 houses, some of them isolated, “there is a long distance between the houses and even Valldossera. It's hard to keep it."

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