Social pressure manages to postpone an eviction in Campclar

The eviction of Zouhair, his wife and their three young children, who occupy an apartment at number 27 Riu Llobregat street in the Campclar neighborhood of Tarragona, was scheduled for yesterday at 9:30. At that time there were already a dozen members of the Sindicat del l'Habitatge at the doors of the building, with the intention of preventing the launch from taking place, and a couple of Mossos d'Esquadra patrols, both parties to the Waiting for the judicial entourage to arrive. In the end, the social pressure of the young people managed to postpone the eviction for two months, during which time the family waits to receive a proposal for social rent to stop occupying the house, property, according to the Sindicat de l'Habitatge, from BBVA .

Upon the arrival of the entourage, he requested the presence of Zouhair and his documentation. Meanwhile, Ares Pallarès, a member of the Union, insisted to the officials that "the family has the right to request social rent and therefore they have the right to have the eviction temporarily postponed so that they have time to present all the necessary documentation." In spite of everything, the delegation responded, as explained by Pallarès, that since they do not have papers or income, they cannot accept the postponement, something that according to the member of the Union "is false."

Be that as it may, the delegation concluded that it was postponing the eviction because the family did not want to leave, as explained by the young woman, who argued that "the Union of Habitatge and the social pressure we exert has a lot to do with these decisions."

For his part, Zouhair was "very happy", since he now has two months "to get them to give us the papers, which are being processed, and to also offer us a social rent." The young man also explained that he lives with his wife and with three children, a nine-year-old, a five-year-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, who according to what he said was born in the same apartment they have occupied for three and a half years. . They came directly from Morocco to Tarragona.

Despite the moratorium on evictions due to non-payment of mortgage, many other releases of other characteristics continue to be carried out, such as in the case of illegal occupations of real estate. Carlos, another of the members of the Sindicat de l'Habitatge, explained that from the entity "we saw that Zouhair was a family in social exclusion and we thought it was very appropriate to come to help and fight to prevent their eviction." Yesterday's was the first eviction attempt, although they had already received several notices from the court.

At the same time, Carlos explained that "every week that we have an assembly, a family with a launch date comes to ask us for help", and claimed that "we do not understand that there are people without homes and houses without people, in Catalonia more than 35,000".

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