six of six or goodbye to Nàstic

Raül Agné will continue to be Nàstic's coach, at least for now. Sunday morning has been key in deciding the coach's future. The Board of Directors met this morning with David Comamala, sports director, after deciding that the Mequinenza coach will continue, but that his continuity at the head of the project depends on the following: either he wins the next two games or his stage in the Nou Estadi will have come to an end.

Beyond the wire in which Agné now lives, the Council also wanted to transfer to the sports director the discontent that exists with the squad. It is considered that a project has been designed to be at the top and the results and sensations are far from expected. The Board of Directors has made it clear that they feel very disappointed and angry with some players who are currently considered not to be up to the shield. Nàstic is right now fighting in the lower part of the table when its obligation was to be in the noble zone from the first day.

Thus, Agné already knows that she must make six points out of the next six possible. Pure mathematics, if you don't win it won't be worth anything else. Not a good picture or anything like that. It is time to add three by three to leave the bottom of the table once and get closer to the desired place. If he gets it now, the Mequinenza coach will continue, otherwise there will be a replacement on the bench.

Nàstic's slab as a visitor has weighed too much for this situation to come about. He has done it in the club, in the heads of the players and also in the coaching staff. All the credit that was achieved at the Nou Estadi has been thrown overboard away from him. The defeat in Zubieta has firmly revived a crisis that before Murcia seemed close to being overcome, but not far from reality.

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