Sentenced a driver who killed a 9-year-old boy and injured his parents and sister in Tarragona

Eleven and a half years had to pass before a sentence was handed down regarding a fatal accident that occurred in the municipality of La Secuita in which a nine-year-old boy lost his life and his parents and sister were seriously injured. The driver was under the influence of narcotic substances and over the speed limit. The Fourth Section of the Provincial Court of Tarragona has sentenced him to eleven months in prison and the withdrawal of his driving license for eleven and a half months as the author of a crime of reckless homicide and three reckless injuries.

The accident occurred at six in the afternoon on April 9, 2011. The defendant was driving a Nissan Primera with the authorization of its owner, his father. He had ingested hashish, which reduced his powers of attention, perception, and reflexes. When he reached kilometer point 13 of the TP-2031 highway –from Tarragona to Santes Creus–, in the municipality of La Secuita, he was driving at an inappropriate speed for the circumstances of the road. This and with his faculties altered, he lost control of the vehicle and invaded the opposite lane. A Citroën Xsara Picasso vehicle was circulating correctly on it. He was driven by a man, "who could not do anything to prevent the eccentric frontal collision between the two vehicles."

In addition to the driver, the Picasso was traveling with his wife, the couple's daughter – both were seriously injured, as was the man – and her nine-year-old brother, who died in the collision.

The defendant presented different external signs: relaxed attitude, lost gaze, dilated pupils, he was unaware of the seriousness of the accident, he was disinterested and apathetic, he was not interested in what was happening there. He was subjected to a drug test and tested positive for cannabis, which was later confirmed in the therapeutic analysis carried out at the Joan XXIII Hospital.

Initially, the Criminal Court 1 of Tarragona had sentenced him to five months in prison, the same as those for the withdrawal of the card. He appreciated the mitigation of highly qualified undue delays -due to the delay in reaching the case to trial-, that of confession and reparation for the damage. Both the private prosecution and the Prosecutor's Office filed an appeal. They were dissatisfied with the assessment of mitigation of damage reparation since the one who paid had been the insurance company, not the defendant. And neither did the confession, since he never acknowledged the previous ingestion of marijuana. And the Court has agreed with the accusation.

After the accident, he was disinterested and apathetic, not interested in what was happening

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