Sareb and Tarragona City Council, without an agreement for the assignment of social housing

Sareb has recently signed various agreements with town halls and regional administrations for the transfer of available homes in its portfolio for social purposes. The last one in the demarcation was with the El Vendrell City Council, in April 2021. However, in the case of the city of Tarragona, both parties have not reached an agreement.

The City Council denounces that "they have not been interested because it does not work out for them." This is stated by the councilor for Habitatge and president of Smhausa, Eva Miguel Gascón, who explains that "having a stressed market they see that they can do business if they sell." "They behave like one more financial institution, when as large homeowners they have the obligation of social rent."

According to the data available from the entity, this organization has 29 apartments for social rent in the city of Tarragona. This includes both those that are illegally occupied, rented or unfinished. Despite this, the local administration ensures that this figure could be much higher. "With the list that we have extracted from the Generalitat registry, there could be around fifty," adds Miguel Gascón.

Both parties confirm that several meetings have been established to address this issue, which would allow the rental housing stock to be increased at affordable prices. "They are only interested in getting rid of those who are busy and there are problems," says the mayor cubaro.

The entity recognizes the figure of 29 homes for social rental in Tarragona city

For their part, sources from the Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la Restructuración Bancaria assure that if no agreement has been reached in the case of Tarragona it is because "we don't have empty floors." "We have offered them the homes with occupation, but they have not wanted to," add sources from this entity. On the other hand, the councilor for Habitatge points out that occupied apartments "annoy them and that is why they leave them at very low prices because they cannot sell them."

Since its creation, Sareb has signed temporary agreements with 13 autonomous communities and 30 town halls, to whom it has assigned a total of 3,070 homes that could benefit around 12,280 people. Catalonia is the autonomous community in which the most agreements have been signed, five of which have been in municipalities in the Tarragona demarcation. The last one was in El Vendrell, although the same had previously been done in Amposta, Sant Jaume d'Enveja, Calafell and L'Ametlla de Mar.

These agreements are valid for four or five years during which the local administration is in charge of managing the properties to meet the housing needs of people at risk of exclusion. As consideration, Sareb receives a fixed monthly remuneration below the market price. This company has a park of 15,000 properties throughout Spain that by law must be liquidated before 2027.

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