San Martín, the festive summer sun in the autumn of Altafulla

Autumnal cold is not synonymous with recollection at home. Or you don't have to. And if not, come these days to Altafulla and you will understand perfectly why I say it. Music, castells, games, cercavila and correfoc are just some of the examples of everything that the municipality experiences these days on the occasion of the Festa Major de Sant Martí.

It all started on Thursday. The peace in which Altafulla submerged placidly, after the frenzy of summer, was broken by the Gegants who, after a long sleep, woke up eager to have a great time and they made it known in Plaça del Pou, the nerve center of the entire party.

It is precisely in Plaça del Pou where yesterday one of the most popular acts of the festivity began –and ended. But don't think she stayed there, no! The cercavila with the gegants, the nanos and the Diables with their fireworks, toured the streets of Vila Closa in the first year of the celebration of Sant Martí without restrictions. This was noticeable, and a lot, because the entire Plaza del Ayuntamiento and other dreamy alleys of Altafulla became passageways full of families who enjoyed the show like never before. There weren't even many who hid from the fire! Brave everyone!

Before this obligatory date, the little ones -and not so little ones- got ready for the party to the rhythm of the rock cat with the family, in the Comunidador park. And those who wanted to experience more relaxing sensations could pay a visit to Vila Closa or stroll and see the most unique trees in the municipality.

And like everything before, there is also an after. In this case, the after was the concert of grallas that the Grallers del Catllar, de la Torre, the Bastoneros de Altafulla and the Grallers de Altafulla offered in the Placeta. Then a theatrical appointment could not be missed in La Violeta, where the Altafulla Joan Maria Vidal represented the play Fox Traps. And now, guess how the night ended! Indeed: like every night of festa major, music could not be missing. And yesterday it sounded, at full blast, in the Comunidador park so that the most nocturnal people could dance until well into the morning.

And today...

For today, Altafulla has scheduled events that will not leave anyone indifferent. And, just as on a Saturday night of the main festival the dance is a must, on Sunday morning, what's up? ¡clever! They have hit the nail on the head! Castles. The appointment will be at 12:30 pm once again in Plaça del Pou.

And parallel to the day, the surroundings of the Castle era will host a new edition of the Street Art Market. On a day like today, the proposal of the Artistic Circle of Altafulla is a cultural offer added to the entire festive program of Sant Martí. To enjoy!

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