Salou will invest 1.2 million in renovating the municipal swimming pool

The Salou City Council approved in the August plenary session a credit modification of the 2022 budget that incorporated 900,000 euros to the Esports area. Much of that money will go to the remodeling of the municipal swimming pool, built almost 30 years ago. The council has already initially approved a new project to carry out this renovation, which was already contemplated in the 2021 investments, but which has had to increase the planned item to be able to face current inflation.

The action aims to completely modernize the facilities on Milà street and renew all the air conditioning and swimming pool operating systems, as well as installing new solar panels. An almost comprehensive reform that aims to adapt the pool to current times and approvals and at the same time change the most deteriorated equipment due to the passage of time.

It should be remembered that the council planned to carry out these works last year and that it even awarded the works for the first phase in the middle of the year. However, the increase in the cost of supplies made it unfeasible to carry out the works and forced the project to be redone and all items to be reviewed. Thus, the new approach contemplates addressing the entire action in a single phase – instead of the four initially planned – and will mean an increase in the budget of almost 400,000 euros (it has gone from 840,000 to 1.2 million euros).

The reform of the municipal swimming pool includes renewing the sanitation systems found in the underground floor, the installation of drinking water with new pipes, as well as the electricity and lighting systems of the entire enclosure, which also includes the gym area, changing rooms and other common areas. In addition, the pool water chlorination system will be renewed and a centralized regulation system will be enabled to control aspects such as temperature, humidity or lighting throughout the premises.

The project also includes replacing the boiler room with modern equipment, as well as renewing the installation of solar panels on the roof. The remodeling will also serve to carry out a comprehensive reform of the air treatment system in the pool area. In terms of security, the fire-fighting systems will also be improved, with new sensors and the installation of fire doors in the corridors.

In the most visual aspect, the project also plans to intervene in other common areas to create false ceilings that cover the ducts. Likewise, it seeks to facilitate and improve the maintenance of the equipment by improving access to the areas intended for machinery, with new stairs and the extension of the underground plant tunnel, among others.

The project is currently on public display before final approval and the works could go out to tender before the end of the year. It should be remembered that the storm of last September 23 notably affected the pool facilities and even forced the equipment to be closed, although this remodeling is an investment that was previously planned.

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